First day of Cologuard Classic golf tournament wraps up at OMNI Tucson National

Dopplar tracking technology helps improve game and calculates distance

Colorguard Classic

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - They say golf is a humbling sport, but it can also be a little frustrating. But no matter what you call it, most golfers agree, improving their game is a goal every time they take a swing.

One way to gain the upper hand is through a system called Trackman.

The company teamed up with a leading doppler radar expert to develop a golf ball tracking system, similar to those seen on TV.

“When the club comes through the area, the signal hits the club, comes back to the monitor and then it does it’s caculations, and tells me the data I need to help the students improve,” said Paul Tosca of Good 2 Great Golf. “It’s also doing that for the golf ball. So it will track the golf ball in the air, as long as it can see it and even if it loses contact with the ball.”

Trackman calculates how far the golf ball is carried through the air, and what the total distance would have been without the air factor.

This technology is used to track the golf ball when you’re watching broadcast tournaments, and it’s also a useful tool for students to hopfully improve their game.

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