Pope urges Iraqi Muslims and Christians to work together

Pope visits Ur, Iraq

UR, Iraq (KOLD News 13) - Pope Francis urged Iraq’s Muslim and Christian religious leaders to put aside animosities and work together for peace and unity during an interfaith meeting on Saturday in the traditional birthplace of the Prophet Abraham, the patriarch of both faiths.

The Pope travelled to the ruins of Ur in southern Iraq to reinforce his message of inter-religious tolerance and fraternity during the first-ever papal visit to Iraq, a country riven by religious and ethnic divisions.

With the magnificent Ziggurat of Ur in the distance, Francis told the faith leaders that it was fitting that they come together in Ur, “back to our origins, to the sources of God’s work, to the birth of our religions” to pray together for peace as children of Abraham, the prophet common to Muslims, Christians and Jews.

He said there could never be peace as long as Iraqis viewed people of different faiths as the “other.”

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