Gyms weigh options after Gov. Ducey’s order


TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - With Governor Ducey’s new order allowing businesses to ease up on restrictions, some are ready to make changes, but others are deciding to keep mask-wearing in place. Local gyms are doing what they think is best for their customers.

“We’re encouraging people to wear masks, but you’re not mandated to. We’re not going to make you wear a mask if you chose not to.” Lawrence Simeza, owner of Power and exercise fitness center, says today is the first day he is making masks optional at his gym.

He says about 40 percent of his customers are over 70 years old, but almost all of them have been vaccinated. And although masks are optional for customers, it’s not the same for staff.

“I’m wearing a mask. Staff is definitely going to wear a mask as well so they feel as comfortable as possible, because we still have people who haven’t been vaccinated yet.”

Simeza is asking customers who choose not to wear their mask to stay a safe distance away from everyone else.

Meanwhile, over at Team Fit in Tucson, a mask mandate is still in place. All trainers and customers must wear them upon entering the gym, but ″Once you’re inside, it’s totally up to the individual if they want to remove the mask or not depending on the crowd,” said owner Nick Calles

Team Fit is a private gym where members can schedule times to train if they don’t want to be around anyone else. They are still following CDC protocols like temperature checks and regularly cleaning the machines. There are never more than a few trainers and customers at Team Fit at the same time, so it is easy for everyone to stay socially distanced.

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