With a COVID-19 loss, a woman hopes to give more to community

Published: Mar. 26, 2021 at 10:25 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A COVID loss is never easy, but one woman is helping others, and healing herself, after losing her mom to COVID-19.

It’s the part of life—after a life. It’s the part that makes it real—cleaning out the house.

“I’ve been emptying my mom’s house out,” said Mechelle “Liv Shakti” Bollon, who lost her mother to COVID-19.

From papers, clothes, trinkets and kitchen items... the house is full of a life, long and well lived.

“Early morning, February 27th, the ambulance came. I was able to talk to her that day, and it was the last time we shared words because the next day she went on the ventilator, and she never came home,” said Bollon.

Bollon describes her mom as someone who had their arms wide open, ready to show love and laugh.

“She loved to make people happy,” she said.

While the loss is not, nor is it ever easy, Bollon is hoping to help the surrounding community. She is giving most of her mom’s things away. A closet empty, a living room now just pieces here and there. Most of her mother’s items are now in households around Tucson.

It’s part of a larger, nationwide “buy nothing” movement. Her mom’s old treasures can be someone else’s—for free. With a picture and a post to her local buy nothing group, the community can benefit.

“I feel like a part of my mom is living on,” she said.

She guesses thousands of items have gone to homes instead of landfills. It is a way to reduce and reuse, but more importantly, a way for her to feel her mom’s spirit with every little gift.

“To see the joy that so many people have experienced through her things, I know it would have just warmed her heart so much,” said Bollon.

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