Pima County eviction filings spike as landlords anticipate moratorium end

Eviction moratorium extended

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Tenants that have fallen behind on rent, now have three more months to catch up thanks to another extension of the eviction moratorium, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared Monday, March 29.

“There are a lot of people that owe thousands or maybe tens of thousands of dollars in back rent that they’re unable to pay. The moratorium basically puts a band aid on a giant cut,” said Brian Carberry, the senior managing editor with Rent.com.

The extension temporarily pauses evictions for renters impacted by COVID through June 30.

“I really don’t believe there’s going to be another moratorium after this,” said Kristen Randall, a constable in Precinct 8.

The Pima County Constables Office recently saw a jump in eviction filings as landlords expected the moratorium to end Wednesday, March 31.

“In the last two or three weeks, we’ve have seen an increase,” Randall said.

She said they received a few hundred eviction filings in just the past week.

“For landlords it’s a tricky situation. There are a lot of landlords out there that are renting just a room or house or whatever it may be. Not all landlords are big property management companies with 500 units,” Carberry said.

Some landlords are setting up rent payment plans with tenants or even dipping into security deposits.

“They use that to pay some of the back rent,” he said. “Generally, that security deposit is only one or two month’s worth of rent.”

Randall recommends tenants apply for rental assistance as soon as possible.

“Use this time to get the rental assistance so you can pay off your balance and get yourself ahead,” she said.

The constable’s office had about 4,000 people on its rental assistance waitlist and checks are beginning to go out.

“They believe they have enough money to cover all of them. So definitely go there and get your name on that list. They are processing the applications now,” she said.

You can apply for the Eviction Prevention and Emergency Rent waitlist, here, if you’re struggling to pay rent.

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