NCAA Tournament is family affair for Thomas family

Over a dozen of Sam Thomas’ family members will be at the National Championship game

NCAA Tournament is family affair for The Thomas’

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -The National Championship game will be a family affair for many University of Arizona players.

Most of senior guard Sam Thomas’ family arrived in San Antonio, Texas, ahead of the team’s Final Four matchup but a couple have been at the tournament the whole time.

“I packed for two weeks,” said Derek Thomas, Sam’s dad.

“I was confident they could go far,” said Jade Thomas, Sam’s sister.

“Honestly it was a little bit daunting at first, I was like, ‘Oh, you guys have that much faith in us? Thank you, family,’” said Sam.

Jade and her dad Derek have been in San Antonio since the start of the tournament almost two weeks ago.

“Once I saw the bracket I’m like we got a shot,” said Derek.

The team has capitalized on that shot. The Wildcats are in the final round of the tournament. Because of that, Jade and Derek have been able to cross almost every tourist attraction in San Antonio off their bucket lists.

“It’s actually a beautiful town,” said Sam. “I went on a river cruise, we went on a haunted house tour, I’ve been through the whole city. It’s nice, I’m glad that we made it all through the two weeks.”

Now that the two weeks are just about up, it’s tunnel vision on that national championship for the entire Thomas family.

“I was talking to Sam about four days ago and I was telling her, I said, ‘Sam, I had a dream last night you guys played Stanford in the national championship game,’” said Derek. “You beat them, we were just kind of joking about it but now we hope it actually comes true.”

Almost the entire Thomas family will be here for the big game tomorrow, there will be one noticeable absence, Sam’s younger brother.

He took one for the team and will be watching the game in Tucson with Proxy and taking care of her so that the rest of the family can be in San Antonio to watch the championship.

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