Wildcat fever heats up after UA beats UConn in Final Four

Wildcat fever heats up after U of A beats UConn in Final Four

TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Temperatures may be heating up in Tucson but the Wildcat fever is even hotter on campus after Friday night’s win against UConn.

“Everyone is really, really excited because the girls are playing in the national championship so everyone’s here just getting their gear, everyone’s super pumped and we’re all really happy for the Wildcats,” said Ashland Johnson, student and UA Bookstore employee.

It is the first time the U of A women’s basketball team made it to the NCAA Final Four, and they won as the underdog team with a final score of 69 to 59.

“I mean I’m not much of a sports fan myself but I was watching that game and I was very excited, especially about the outcome,” said James Cerasia, UA grad student.

Wildcat fans flocked to the U of A bookstore Saturday and bought most of the Final Four merchandise available.

“Every time we get more product in, it goes right out the door really fast, we had some overnight shipments come in today that landed about 10:30 and we opened at 10, and we had people just waiting for that product,” said Daniel McConnell, Associate Director of IT systems at the UA Bookstore.

As the U of A women’s basketball team moves forward, fans at home are filled with pride.

“I’m very proud of Adia Barnes and what she’s done with the program, I’m proud of all the players, and I hope this is the beginning of building a dynasty here at the U of A for women’s basketball,” said Marvin Batts, UA fan.

As the pandemic stretches on, this celebration may be just what sports fans needed.

“There’s such a fun energy going about right now, I think we just needed this coming out of the pandemic, and we’re still kind of there and we needed some fun energy to have,” Cerasia said.

The Arizona Wildcats will face off against Stanford Sunday, April 4 for the NCAA title at 3 p.m.

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