Small Arizona art town ranks big

Published: Apr. 16, 2021 at 8:34 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - One Arizona town is climbing the ranks in USA Today’s nominations for the top 10 small town art scenes. Tubac is the only Arizona town nominated.

It’s best known as the place where art and history meet. There are only three main roads and no sidewalks, but there is an abundance of art.

Leslie Miller, director of Tubac School of Fine Arts, said “If you’re not an artist then you’re an art supporter if you live here. It’s clearly the way it is. Everyone is so generous of spirit and everyone has creativity in them, and I think everyone really appreciates it here in Tubac.”

Art is everywhere you look and it comes in all forms – from sculptures to paintings and everything in between. In it’s first year the Tubac School of Fine Arts had around eight students, it has now grown to about 500.

Miller said, ”There are so many people who have been told that they can’t pursue their art because they’re not good enough or because it’s not worthy, and they come here and they find out there’s other likeminded people and they’re encouraged and it’s a wonderful feeling.”

The Tubac center of the arts is known as the artistic gem in the southwest.

Karon Leigh, artistic director of Tubac Center of the Arts said, ”The Tubac Center of the Arts is pretty much the hub of all art in Tubac. And we support the local artists, the regional artists, and local businesses. We’re all working together, you know? It’s like all these groups, all these organizations are working together to make Tubac a special place.”

And it is a special place, rooted deep in Arizona’s history.

Ivan Drechsler, President of the Tubac Chamber of Commerce said, “Tubac has always come back. We are the first European settlement in Arizona, so we really are the first of Arizona.”

And as the first of Arizona, Tubac residents hope they will be number one on USA Today’s list.

Dreschler said, ”It’s absolutely perfect for us because this is who we are. We are artists in all forms and design.”

You can vote for Tubac on USA today’s list until April 26. Tubac is currently ranked at number two. To cast your vote for Tubac, follow the link below.

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