Family of man killed by police in Nogales asking for answers

Family of man shot by police wanting answers
Family of man shot by police wanting answers(Sasha Jones)
Updated: May. 27, 2021 at 10:14 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The family of a suspect killed by Arizona police is begging for answers, and they’re speaking out about what they believe happened the day officers opened fire.

Sasha Jones has been separated from Glen Cockrum Jr., but has children with him. She says they are the ones suffering most in this. And now the family is trying to figure out how to get Cockrum’s body back to Arkansas.

“I need to know why the actually shot at him. I need to know why they felt it was necessary to use such force against a man that was driving 2 miles per hour in a parking lot that was not trying to intentionally hit anything or anybody,” says Jones.

Glen Cockrum was shot and killed by police and deputies in Nogales after they say he led them on a chase. But Jones says with Cockrum’s severe anxiety, the family believes he was frightened when initially approached by men with guns, and he panicked and began driving away.

She says he had already dropped off his load of produce. Jones adds, Cockrum was “not perfect,” but does not believe he meant any harm.

“None of it makes any sense,” says Jones. “What could he have been doing that was so horrible, and so bad that they felt the need...that he needed to die? Why? Why did they feel that force was necessary?”

It’s still unclear what exactly happened. We reached out to DPS for any new details on this case, including why Cockrum was being chased to begin with, but they told us they will not comment on the ongoing investigation.

Jones says now the family is working to raise money to get Cockrum’s body back to Arkansas. But more than anything, they want an explanation.

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