U.S. removal from EU safe travel list could tighten travel restrictions

Published: Aug. 31, 2021 at 6:56 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The European Union removed the United States from its safe travel list and is recommending its countries reinstate travel restrictions for Americans due to rising COVID cases in the U.S.

“Get vaccinated if you want the least amount of problems or hurdles to overcome for your travel, not just globally, but also domestically,” said Ryan Hansen the president of Bon Voyage Travel.

Hansen believes guidelines for unvaccinated travelers will become stricter.

“At this stage, all 27 countries in the EU can impose their own protocols and there’s not one protocol that’s telling vaccinated passengers they cannot travel freely in and out of a country,” he said.

He says that means each country can create its own rules for quarantining, COVID testing or even ban travel altogether.

“I do have people that are supposed to come visit me, so I am worried and I am afraid,” said Julia Benner, who just landed in France this week.

The EU’s announcement is a bit concerning for Benner. She just left Arizona and arrived in Paris to study abroad. She said she had to prove she was vaccinated and show a negative COVID test on her arrival to France.

“I would envision many countries continuing to have a requirement for a vaccine for a number of years and that will become the norm,” Hansen said.

He recommends researching your destination country as the travel guidelines are ever changing. The EU bases its safe travel list off of a county’s COVID infection levels and updates the list every two weeks.

Hansen also says it’s best to have proof of a recent negative COVID test when you go abroad and have one when you arrive back to the U.S.

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