“I don’t think I’ve ever known not having stress,”

Adia Barnes says you can have it all, but not without sacrifice
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Published: Oct. 29, 2021 at 10:26 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -“I don’t think I’ve ever known not having stress,” said University of Arizona Head Women’s Basketball Coach Adia Barnes.

Barnes wears a lot of hats, she’ll be the first person to tell you that. She is a mom, wife, sister, daughter, coach, and role model to women across the globe.

But, each one of those hats is weighty, and they’re each stitched with the stresses and pressures of being a great mom, great wife, great coach and great role model.

But no one is perfect, not even Adia Barnes.

“I think people like to see the real thing,” said Barnes. “You may not want to do something or you may not want to travel but you think people would die to be in this situation.”

“I would rather coach and have the stress than not do basketball,” said Salvo Coppa, Barnes’ husband and an Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach at the University of Arizona.

Each time they looks at their kids, Matteo and Capri, they know their jobs are worth it. Barnes is appreciative of everything she’s earned, but she doesn’t shy away from what comes with it.

In fact, she revels in the never-ending challenge and seemingly rises to the bar she has set for herself but, that reaching that height is not easy. And, she says, she doesn’t know how to give less than 100%.

“I don’t operate in the gray. I’m either all in or I’m not.” Barnes said. “If I’m not capable of giving 100%, then I’m not doing the right job.”

She credits her success to constant and relentless hard work. all things she learned from her mom and stepdad.

“My mom and my stepdad are very hard-working people. My stepdad was in construction for years, super smart guy, very good morals, values. Not working hard is not acceptable in our house,” said Barnes. “My mom is like a workaholic she works, works, works, more than me. I’m a little bit better at balancing things.”

It was from watching her mom that Barnes learned the lesson she now shares with women and men all over the world: You can absolutely have it, all but not without sacrifice.

“For me, the sacrifice is my office is a little messier, my house is a little messier, that pile of toys in the corner would not be there if I was single. But I can only do so much,” said Barnes. “You do your best and you’re kind of okay with that.

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