Davis-Monthan officer disciplined for trying to get vaccine card without getting shot

Published: Nov. 5, 2021 at 3:13 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - We’re now learning an Air Force officer has been disciplined after being accused of using force in his attempt to obtain a COVID vaccination card.

It all happened at a Tucson vaccination site in September.

The Air Force opened an investigation on the matter after Tucson Police notified Davis Monthan.

The officer has not been arrested and we’re not releasing his name because he hasn’t been charged with any crime.

EMT Mariella Carrasco reported to police a military man assaulted her after he flashed her some cash for a vaccination card. She works at Rescue Me Wellness, a vaccination site.

“He brought out the money to try to bribe me. He didn’t say anything. He kind of just looked at me,” said Carrasco, “and I shook my head and said, no. I didn’t accept the money.”

And the last time she told him no, “he snatched the syringe”.

Carrasco said, “He took the syringe out of my hand and proceeded to pretend to administer the vaccine. I was in shock. He went around to the backside of his arm, kinda grazed his arm. Every time I was moving closer, he moved his arm back and as his arm was back, he shot the liquid down so it hit the table.”

Carrasco ultimately decided not to press charges, but Davis Monthan launched an investigation.

A spokesman sent KOLD News 13 this statement:

“The investigation conducted by Davis-Monthan has concluded. A military court was not convened, however, administrative disciplinary action was taken. In order to protect the privacy of the member, information regarding that administrative action will not be released.”

Corrective measures could range from counseling to extra military instruction.

Carrasco told KOLD that she’s glad she brought awareness to the situation.

“I just wanted the military to understand that people are trying to cheat the system and it’s not okay. I wanted them to take it seriously,” said Carrasco.

Rescue Me Wellness has banned the Air Force officer from the vaccination site.

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