Tucson man makes dream a reality; opens his own toy store

Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 7:06 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Life is what you make it, and so is work. For one Tucson man, his life’s work is just getting started. A goal to open a toy store, is now a reality.

Every time Vinny Cuadrado opens up the door to Those Wonderful Toys, it’s like stepping into a dream, one that’s now a reality.

“(At) 17 I wanted a toy I had when I was younger, and so I started buying the toys here and there, started getting expensive, so I started getting two of them, sell one, pay for the two and continue on,” said Cuadrado.

Since he was a teen, he’s been collecting toys. That first one, a Chewbacca, now not only in his personally collection, but in his toy store. His collecting began more because of the toys’ place in time. Sometimes a simple piece of plastic, is so much more.

“It was a simpler time. You just get up Saturday morning, or get home after school, you couldn’t wait to play with the toys or watch cartoons…it was just a fun time where there was nothing on your mind but playing with these action figures and toys,” he said.

We can all want to transport back to those times. In a world with a pandemic and politics, Cuadrado just wants to give people a piece of simplicity, a toy or a memory, but it’s not without hard work. This dream takes a lot of sacrifice.

“I do have two jobs. I get up at two in the morning and go to work at three, and get off at 11:30, go home and shower and then come here at 1 o’clock four days out of the week,” he said.

It’s hours, and a lifetime, spent building his dream. A place that can bring you back to another. Cuadrado signed his lease for two years at his brick and mortar store off Oracle and Prince, a leap he’s excited to take for the next couple of years, and hopefully beyond.

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