Tucson resident makes it big in Hollywood as agent on CBS’s “FBI: International”

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Published: Dec. 7, 2021 at 10:41 PM MST|Updated: Dec. 9, 2021 at 2:26 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A Tucson woman made it big in Hollywood as one of the newest stars on a hit CBS show.

Cameron Vo is her name onscreen.

Offscreen, she is Tucson’s very own Vinessa Vidotto. She just exploded into stardom as the newest agent on “FBI: International.”

KOLD caught up with her while filming in Budapest.

Vinessa Vidotto moved to Tucson at 12 years old and attended the University of Arizona.
Vinessa Vidotto moved to Tucson at 12 years old and attended the University of Arizona.(KOLD News 13)

“I feel like I got very blessed to be a part of this huge franchise,” she said.

Vidotto moved to Tucson when she was 12 and later went to the University of Arizona. She says she is thankful for the professors there.

“I wouldn’t be here without them and there’s just, I’m going to cry, there are just a lot of moments, a lot of teaching moments that helped me along the way,” said Vidotto.

One of her biggest influences was Professor Hank Stratton. He says her shot to stardom was quick.

“It’s lightning in a bottle,” he said. “When Vinessa did her showcase, again, in this theater, all the agents wanted her.”

He said she quickly made a deal with an agent and after graduating she was Hollywood-bound.

“I had an apartment in L.A. and I could see the Hollywood sign right there out my window,” she said. “So, I would just look at that every day.”

In a matter of months, her dreams became reality when she scored a huge role. Professor Stratton remembers getting the good news.

“It was in the middle of the summer that my phone rang,” he said. “And she called me and she said, ‘I have some news.’ And I said, ‘What is it?’ And she said, ‘Well, I had to quit my serving job tonight because I got the new Dick Wolf series on CBS.’ And I burst into tears, she burst into tears.”

Stratton says he is not surprised Vinessa made it.

“Vinessa is a supernova right now and we all saw it coming,” said Stratton.

As for Vidotto’s character Cameron Vo, we do not know what is coming but we do know she has a lot of things to figure out.

“It’s a tough balance when her relationship crosses over to her job and you have to find that balance,” said Vidotto.

While Vidotto is a rising star, she is not forgetting where she came from.

“Thank you, Tucson for everything that you gave me and anybody watching ‘FBI: International’ from Tucson, thank you so much! It’s very appreciated. So, thank you.”

Professor Stratton says through all the lime-light, Vidotto has remained humble. He predicts as America discovers more about her she will become even more famous.

Vidotto says she will be filming in Budapest until May but has a quick break for the holidays.

You can catch her on “FBI: International” at 8 p.m. (Arizona time) on Tuesdays. You can also watch episodes by going HERE.

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