Tucson grocery stores see supply shortage

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Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 9:03 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - A supply shortage is taking place all over the country. You may have noticed less food on store shelves at your local grocery store.

“We are fortunate in Arizona that we have a lot of our own distribution networks throughout our major grocery stores vs. having to ship it in through other states,” said Arizona Food Marketing Alliance President Mark Miller.

But trucking is a big aspect in these shortages, according to Miller.

“We have moved a lot from rail to trucks and now with a driver shortage, it is pushing everything back a little further,” he said.

Miller said, as COVID-19 cases rise, people are cooking at home instead of dining out.

“Overall, the numbers of COVID in Tucson and in the state are making people nervous and I think they are starting to feel like they need more in their homes,” he said.

Miller said he’s concerned there will be a rise in hoarding again, and urged consumers to just buy what they need.

Bashas’ Grocery Store spokesperson Ashley Shick said, they have not seen any sort of panic at their stores. But they put some restrictions in place, just in case.

“Yesterday we increased the loads and orders our stores were able to put through. We did put a temporary limit on the amount of items each individual store could order and that was really to ensure that every store got something right? The stores were able to buy and get items everyone needed,” she said.

Miller said product is still available.

You might not be able to find that one particular dish soap that you love and have used for 20 years. You might have to buy the one next to it for a while until that ones come back in stock.”

Miller said the supply shortage should last for about two weeks or so.

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