Arizona Heart & Sol: Southern Arizona students strike a chord with senior living communities

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Published: Feb. 17, 2022 at 7:12 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - When Hannah Zhang is not in school or doing homework, you can find sharing her love of music with the community.

“My sister and I really enjoy to play our instruments. We have been playing them a long time and we have taken a lot of lessons,” Zhang said.

Zhang is a junior in high school.

She plays the violin and her older sister, April, plays the piano.

In 2019, the sisters were inspired by their grandparents to share their musical talents with senior living communities.

“My grandpa and grandma were in an assisted living facility. They were talking about how some musicians had come in and they really enjoyed it,” Zhang said. “We took that idea and applied it to the Tucson area.”

The Zhang sisters started Notes of Hope Youth.

“The mission is to spread joy and hope through music performed by young musicians who want to get more stage experience and want to brighten up their community,” Zhang said.

They recruited nearly a dozen musicians from local high schools to perform at various senior living facilities in and around Tucson.

“We just wanted to use what we love and what we are passionate about and make the community a better place,” Zhang said.

April is now in college, so Hannah is in charge of organizing the recitals, and with the help of her violin, she continues to pull at the heartstrings of her audience one note at a time.

“They always shower us with love and we love making them happy and brightening their day,” Zhang said.

At Zhang’s most recent recital, she had no idea that she too would receive a gift.

Every week, KOLD partners with Casino del Sol to highlight people and organizations who are helping others in Southern Arizona.

At her latest recital, Zhang received a $300 gift card from sponsor Casino Del Sol, which she said will benefit the group of volunteer musicians.

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