COVID cases increase but health officials say no need to panic, be mindful

Published: May. 12, 2022 at 1:33 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - It is starting to look more and more like pre-COVID-19 times.

Mask mandates have been lifted and events are starting to look “normal” again.

But health officials warn, COVID cases are on the rise and now is the time to be mindful of what we all should do to avoid another pandemic.

“It is still here. It is still present in the community. We need to have an awareness of it. Hopefully, we will not see the numbers we have seen over the last two years. It is not gone, and we really need to be mindful of that,” said Pima County Health Department Deputy Director Paula Mandel.

Last week, there were 3,911 new cases and 238 deaths. This week, the number of deaths was down to 41 but the COVID cases were up to 5,490.

Mendel said there could be more.

“Knowing that there is still COVID in the community and how much there is, we do not have an accurate number,” she said.

Mandel said there is a reason for that.

“Many people have been testing at home with COVID kits,” she said. “But many of them are not reporting their test results.”

Tests are not as readily available as they once were.

“Some partners who were receiving assistance may not be getting the supplies that they were previously,” Mandel said. “COVID has not gone away but some of the funding has.”

But Mandel said the PCHD is stepping up to help.

“We are still doing outreach events, providing test kits to the community.”

For a list of outreach events, click HERE.

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