Despite high gas prices, travelers still hitting the roads for holiday weekend

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Published: May. 26, 2022 at 5:46 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) -The question travel or not to travel?

As Memorial Day weekend nears, people are reaching deep into their pockets to fill up their gas tanks to prepare for road trips.

KOLD spoke with multiple people who say despite high gas prices, the show must go on.

Escaping the Arizona heat this Memorial day weekend is going to come at a higher cost than usual, but that does not seem to be bothering many.

Years of putting plans on hold because of the pandemic has people taking to the roadways in the masses.

About 88 percent of the 39.2 million travelers — a record number — are expected to go by car over the long weekend even as gas prices remain high, according to AAA.

John Threloff is one of those people.

“that’s what I’m filling up for, I’m leaving at about 4 in the morning to go camping.”

He says he goes to globe every year, but this is the most expensive yet.

And Sage Masten-leake is filling up before driving to San Carlos, Mexico this weekend.

“Maybe we should strategize, I haven’t looked up prices in Mexico, but it might be a better deal back there, so half here...maybe half there. Wherever the deal is,” says Masten-leake.

While most we spoke with are choosing to still drive, Jesus Daniel chose to use a shuttle service as he heads to Phoenix.

He just makes sense right now.

“It’s more cheaper. I can’t use my car because the prices is very high get a shuttle is 30 bucks so more cheaper you know?”

If the weekend projections come true, this would bring memorial day travel volumes close to 2017 levels...all despite the headache of forking out more for an enjoyable getaway.

“Why would I let it allow me to not have my pleasures?” asks Threloff.

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