Drone video shows man shooting K-9 handler during standoff in Glendale

Four officers carried the injured K-9 handler away from the trailer.
Four officers carried the injured K-9 handler away from the trailer.
Published: Jun. 3, 2022 at 4:35 PM MST
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GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Drone footage shows a man shooting at a K-9 handler while barricading himself inside a trailer in Glendale on April 14. The shooting happened near 62nd and Olive avenues. It all started around 2 a.m. when a woman called 911 and told police her ex-boyfriend, 28-year-old Anthony Shafner, unexpectedly showed up at her apartment. She had a restraining order against Shafner. “I’m being harassed. My ex keeps hopping my balcony and knocking on my door, and now he’s throwing rocks at my window,” said the woman in the 911 call.

A dispatcher tells the woman police are on their way and to stay inside her apartment as Shafner kept throwing stuff at the apartment. “Is that a rock I just heard get thrown?” asked the dispatcher. “Yeah, he keeps throwing stuff at my window,” the woman says, crying.

Two officers arrived and found Shafner walking away from the apartment. Body-cam footage shows Shafner walking and pointing a gun at his head. “Put it down! Put it down!” the officers yell at Shafner. Shafner continued to walk away from them, still pointing the gun at his head. Officers began chasing Shafner, yelling at him to drop the gun. “Drop it, or I’m gonna shoot you!” one officer says. “Put it down!” Another officer can also be heard yelling, “Drop it man, you don’t want to do this.” The officers then lost sight of Shafner after he got away.

When the sun came up, police tracked Shafner to a nearby trailer and used a drone to see the trailer overhead. Over 10 officers are seen surrounding the trailer in the video, trying to get Shafner to come out for several hours. The drone then shows a K-9 handler hoisting his K-9 on his shoulder and climbing up a ladder. He then pushes his K-9 inside the trailer’s open window to try and get Shafner. The K-9 handler stayed on the ladder near the window when Shafner shot him. The handler immediately grabs his right side and falls. Another officer then returned fire, shooting and killing Shafner. Several officers then carried the injured K-9 handler away from the trailer.

Police say the K-9 handler had minor injuries and is expected to be OK. His K-9 was not hurt during the shooting.