Mt. Lemmon is the summer hotspot to cool off

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Published: Jun. 10, 2022 at 5:45 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - This week, the extreme heat is sending more people up the mountain to cool down.

Mt. Lemmon is just about 40 miles from Tucson and it’s typically about 30 degrees cooler than what we see in town.

The businesses up on Mt. Lemmon were packed this week with Tucsonans looking for a nearby getaway from the heat.

″We’ve been spending the last few days in Tucson and it’s been warm to say the least. We wanted to come up here, see what it was like, and cool off a little bit,” Melissa and Mark Kimball said. They recently moved to Tucson and it’s their first time exploring Mt. Lemmon with their boys.

Meanwhile, Sonya and Phillip Kampalman came up to escape the heat for a special day.

″It’s a getaway. Actually it’s our 27th anniversary we just kind of wanted to get out of the heat and enjoy the nice cool temperatures,” one of them said.

Coming up for a little camping trip over the weekend to enjoy the outdoors or a chance to explore more of the local businesses, Mt. Lemmon is a hotspot for people to cool off from the triple digits.

Longtime Mt. Lemmon staple, the Mt. Lemmon Cookie Cabin is one of several businesses seeing a boost from the Southern Arizona heat wave.

″When it’s brutally hot in Tucson, everyone wants to come up and just cool down. It’s even been busier in the mornings. Everybody just loves to come up: families, pets, a lot of motorcyclists,” said manager Sharah Williamson.

Another business seeing more foot traffic this week: Mt. Lemmon Scooters. The electric scooter business is one of the newest additions to Mt. Lemmon. They opened just about two weeks ago and the extra crowd has helped their business get a strong start.

″It’s been wonderful. That’s been a perk for a new business starting out on a mountain. So if you get on an electric scooter you can explore the main road all the way down to Marshall, all the way up to Ski Valley and beyond” said owner Sunni Moe.

The owners say the e-scooters make getting around Mt. Lemmon more accessible and it’s a fun way for folks to take a tour around without all the walking. And it’s the perfect temperature for it.

“Come see us. It’s really the place to be in this heat. It just kind of revives you,” Moe said.

If you’re planning to come up and check out Mt. Lemmon scooters, the owners recommend reserving those scooters because they’re very popular.

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