More educators preparing for a safe school year through ICSAVE training

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Published: Jul. 29, 2022 at 7:23 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - As more students get ready to go back to class, one of the biggest focuses is safety.

Since the Uvalde school shooting, more educators are learning how to prepare and train for the worst.

A Tucson-based organization is leading the way and empowering educators to save lives.

The organization ICSAVE has trained thousands here in Arizona to be immediate responders and save lives through their ILIVED model.

“There’s more violence that happens all the time and we just want to make sure we’re prepared and given the training and knowledge by someone who really knows what they’re doing,” Assistant Principal Karen Crandall said.

It’s training like this that’s more important than ever. The ILIVED model is six hours of training in active violence response. It’s part classroom instruction, but it has a big focus on hands on experience through different scenarios.

And it’s something they’ve had to use in real life at other La Paloma campuses.

“We had someone come on campus with a weapon, that was a domestic violence situation with an employee and a spouse and the campus knew exactly what to do. They locked down and they handled it well and no one was hurt,” Crandall said.

ICSAVE director, Bruce Whitney says it’s not a matter of if these things happen, it’s when. And it’s not just about figuring out what to do in a dangerous situation, it’s about being aware of anything suspicious that could lead to something more, like an active shooter.

“We talk a lot about situational awareness, being aware of your surrounds, looking for anything that’s out of the ordinary, behavior that’s inappropriate and being able to recognize that and report that. If they do that, often times we can prevent these things from happening,” Whitney said.

Training for active shooters has changed over the years. ICSAVE takes a closer look at what happened in other major shootings, like sandy hook and Virginia tech, and shows what could’ve been done in those scenarios to save more lives. One thing is showing educators how to be more proactive as immediate responders.

“If something happens on a campus, a school’s campus, they can effectively lock down, evade or defend if they have to and they can save themselves and they can save other people. They’re a vital component in the chain of survival,” Whitney said.

ICSAVE is completely free. If you would like to know more about their courses, you can find that here.

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