Illegal dumping causing problems for storm drainage

Illegal dumping is causing a headache for Valley cities.
Illegal dumping is causing a headache for Valley cities.(Arizona's Family)
Published: Nov. 1, 2022 at 11:09 AM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- If you come across Illegal dumping, you are urged to report it ASAP.

Cities across the Valley said this trash is causing not just problems for flooding but the quality of the water in our rivers. It’s not just the big bulky trash that can cause problems, it can also be smaller trash like plastic grocery bags, cup, or even candy wrappers from after Halloween. This trash can end up in storm drains and clog them up.

The City of Tempe said it was a problem this monsoon season. When the rainwater can’t drain, it has no option but to flood the area. Last year Tempe reported removing more than 800 tons of trash from the storm drain systems. The city said it’s important that if you see an illegal dump site, to take the time to report it, this way it can get cleaned up before it even gets into the storm drain system. They also urge people to properly dispose of chemicals as well.

“Other things such as not properly disposed of chemicals or oils, pesticides, herbicides, things that you might use on your lawns and you don’t dispose of what’s left properly those things can really cause problems with water quality,” said Barbara Chappell, Tempe deputy municipal utilities director.

Most cities let you report illegal dumping to 311 on your phone. If your city doesn’t, you can report it to the city or county’s environmental department.