‘Jealous’ family cat vomits up her feelings after first meeting with newborn

Published: Nov. 17, 2022 at 12:43 PM MST
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SALT LAKE CITY (CNN) – A viral video of how a baby made a jealous cat sick has been leaving viewers in stitches.

The meeting between the beloved pet cat and the precious newborn was supposed to be a sentimental bonding moment … until the cat’s reaction.

Cayden Cazier and his wife Katie brought their 2-day-old daughter home and introduced her to their almost 3-year-old cat, Fifi.

Fifi sniffed the baby before quickly backing off and running into another room. Seconds later, Fifi was heaving.

Cayden Cazier said he knew Fifi was going to throw up when he heard her “doing that thing with her tongue and kind of swallowed.”

When the video of the meeting was posted to TikTok, viewers found it hilarious.

Cats often gag when they don’t like a certain smell, but with such immediate feline hostility, Cayden Crazier believes it may be because Fifi was jealous.

“I think probably jealousy ‘cause the baby definitely didn’t smell bad,” he said. “She had a bath a few hours before.”

She may have been jealous because Fifi used to be the newborn. She even barged into the interview on camera to try to reclaim some of her lost limelight.

“She just wants to be front and center all the time,” Cayden Crozier said.

Since the first fateful encounter, Fifi has steered clear of the baby.

During the second union on camera, Fifi did get up and leave.

But at least she didn’t throw up.