Experts say salary not the only item up for negotiation when it comes to your job

More flexible hours, work from home, and other perks can be negotiated up front
Published: Jan. 5, 2023 at 11:39 AM MST
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InvestigateTV - Salary can be a sticking point for job seekers, but according to an industry study, other perks can make a big difference in overall job satisfaction and whether a job works for you. 

LinkedIn’s October 2022 Global Talent Study listed four other areas important to the workforce: 

  • Work/life balance 
  • Flexibility: when and where they work 
  • Opportunity to learn new skills 
  • Chance for advancement 

According to a recent study of young professionals by Fidelity, only 42% of job seekers negotiated compensation and benefits with their future employer, yet 87% were successful.

Andres Lares from Shapiro Negotiations Institute teaches people all across the country how to negotiate. He said the number one reason people quit their jobs is not usually about compensation.    

“It’s really more about the people. It’s more about the work, environment, satisfaction, the work you’re doing, your colleagues, all these things,” Lares said. “If you think of that perspective, then of course you should be negotiating for those things are going to make you happy.”  

Experts suggested a number of potential add-ons: a signing bonus, working from home, a home office stipend, or additional PTO or vacation days. 

You could also negotiate that your employer pay for professional development, conferences, or classes for your master’s degree. 

Lares shared several tips for how to negotiate with a current or new employer: 

  • Don’t zero in on one issue: negotiate five or six things you want.  
  • Script your arguments ahead of time to stay focused 
  • Take emotions out of the negotiation 
  • Try to see the big picture and what’s important to both sides.   

The most important tip for success: be confident.