Vail residents calling on authorities to fix “dangerous” road, after 16-year-old dies in crash on Mary Ann Cleveland Way

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Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 6:31 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - Community members are speaking out after a 16-year-old girl died in a crash just days ago on Mary Ann Cleveland Way.

Longtime resident, Erin Hite says something needs to change before another crash there turns deadly.

“Even in the 12 years I’ve been here, they keep approving all these new houses which is great but at what point does the city say, “oh okay it’s time to widen the road, it’s not safe anymore,” said Hite.

Whether it be distracted driving, speeding or the road itself, many residents say it’s dangerous.

“During rush hour it does get pretty backed up right there, but I think a lot of the crashes have to do with distracted driving,” said Vail Resident, Jennifer Dunaway.

According to Tucson Police Department records, from 2020 to 2023 there have been more than 30 crashes on Mary Ann Cleveland Way ranging from fender benders to fatalities.

“You’ll have people not paying attention, looking down, whatever they’re doing and they’ll almost hit the person in front of them and they’ll go off the side of the road trying not to hit the person in front of them. I see it on a weekly basis,” said Hite.

Dunaway said she even witnessed it today.

“Right now when I was driving to pick them up from school I saw just about every driver on their phone,” said Dunaway.

When you break down the time of day these crashes happen at, most of them are midday when school is getting released.

Karen Hoeft is a Tucson resident, but she works in Vail. She said she almost got into a crash recently on Mary Ann Cleveland Way.

“I almost got hit head on. Somebody was trying to pass cars coming past me, and they went around the side of me on the right hand side on the median and went through, it was very scary,” said Hoeft.

“There should not be any dotted lines on this road. This road is way to busy to pass somebody. It’s not safe,” Hite added.

TPD had officers in the area patrolling the area. Officials say they’ll continue to patrol the area for the foreseeable future.

Tucson Department of Transportation declined to comment for this story. 13 News submitted a formal request for information, to see what’s been done on these roads to make them safer for drivers.