Humane Society looks to curb feral cat problem

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Published: Jan. 29, 2023 at 4:44 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (KOLD News 13) - The Humane Society is looking to control a feral cat problem in Tucson. These cats aren’t the cute ones we have in our homes but wild ones who can cause a big problem for homeowners.

The Community Cat Program is specifically dedicated to humanely trapping and neutering feral cats so they can’t reproduce and cause bigger problems.

“A lot of people call us with complaints of cats defecating in their yard or running around on their roof. Or there are just too many cats, or there’s kittens involved,” Angeline Fahey, Community Cat Program Manager at the Humane Society, said of this kitty epidemic.

Fahey and her team aim to humanely trap and neuter the cats. Once they are ready, they are returned to their home to live long and healthy lives.

“This is the first few years where there are programs to actually do something about the population,” she said.

Feral cats that come into the Humane Society aren’t typically adopted out because they are used to the outdoors and may not be friendly.

Community Cat volunteer Shannon Partridge takes part in getting these cats off the street, calling it a “community problem.”

“It keeps neighbors from being mad at each other especially if they are feeding. It keeps the animals safe,” Partridge said.

Partridge added you can tell if a cat is feral versus just being an outdoor cat. A feral cat could exhibit behavior including hissing, having its ears back and sometimes having dilated eyes.

If you have a feral cat problem or spot one you can call the Humane Society and they will come and try to humanely trap it.