Mayors from Arizona and Mexico meet to discuss the future

Published: Apr. 24, 2023 at 10:29 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) - Governor Katie Hobbs and the Governor of Sonora made a visit to the Old Pueblo.

The Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted the summit bringing together seven mayors and leaders from across southern Arizona and Mexico.

According to Regina Romero, the Mayor of Tucson, leaders hope the summit will help promote growth and prosperity while strengthening the partnership between the two countries.

“We share family, we share culture, but we also share our economy and economic development is bound in this region,” Romero said.

In addition to Tucson, Mayor Romero, Mayor Clea McCaa of Sierra Vista, Mayor Jorge Maldonado of Nogales, Ariz., Mayor Tom Murphy of Sahuarita, Mayor Juan Francisco Gim of Nogalas, SO., Mayor Iván Pivac Carrillo of Puerto Peñasco, So., and Mayor Karla Cádova González of Guaymas. SO. were in attendance at the summit.

The mayors discussed climate resiliency, economic development, and improving infrastructure across the state.

“We talked about the importance of natural resources and water infrastructure,” Romero said. “We need to be able to have water and have a good climate to be able to thrive as a region.”

Governor Hobbs announced plans for an electric truck pilot program to help cut down on emissions coming through the border.

“Contributing to the reliability of our supply chain while also addressing the pressing sustainability needs,” Governor Hobbs said. “This may sound simple, but we all know electric vehicles, both cars and trucks, work. But the border, as well as the commercial application, presents a number of unique challenges.”

Those challenges are what officials hope to tackle in order to protect vital resources in Arizona and across the border in Mexico.

“$500 million coming from the federal government in support of our congressional delegation on ports of entry infrastructure to make it easy for people and goods to pass in a timely manner,” Romero said.

The mayors believe the long-term success of our region depends on communication, transparency, and looking for solutions together.

“Communicating our needs on the Sonora side and on the Arizona side,” Romero said. “How cities and towns along our border and in Arizona and Sonora, how do we deal with our number one trading partner here in Arizona which is Mexico.”

Officials said this conference is just the beginning and they plan to keep the conversation going to ensure success for both communities.