Douglas Mayor calls for federal intervention as Title 42 comes to an end

Published: May. 11, 2023 at 6:17 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) - Title 42 is set to end on Thursday evening.

Mayor Donald Huish said border patrol agents have been “very busy” prepping for all of the people expected at the border in Douglas.

“We don’t have the resources, the ability, the staffing, etc. to be able to make this happen. It’s a problem that’s been given to use and left on our doorstep. We want to help, but our limitations are as such that we can’t do it alone at all,” Huish said. “When you have a capacity of zero you reach it pretty quick.”

He said the city has already had a preview of what a post-Title 42 world will look like and noted border patrol agents anticipate processing 35 asylum seekers a day.

Asylum Seekers are people who have applications and appointments to come into the United States legally.

“The ones that are not seeking asylum, they are being returned to Mexico,” Huish said. “Or being held if they do have a criminal background that needs to be further investigated.”

He said those people will be held at border facilities. But added there is “concern” for the people who don’t have a plan other than wanting to “get their foot inside the United States.”

But even then, Huish is worried about having the manpower to be able to transport these people saying buses are on standby to pick people up.

Pima County is funding these buses. Huish said they can’t use city buses to help transport migrants unless emergency action is declared.

“One of the things that we are hoping for to make those funds flow freer is hopefully an emergency will be declared at the state level and also on the federal level so that those funds can be released quickly,” he said. For this to happen, he needs the federal government to take action now.

Mayor Huish said what’s happening here in Douglas is not sustainable long-term and they cannot operate without federal intervention.

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