Civil settlement in sex assault case against former high school football stars on hold

Saint Louis School
Saint Louis School(None)
Published: Jul. 18, 2023 at 8:52 PM MST
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The civil deal stemming from a sex assault claim between a woman and two former Saint Louis School players is now held up in court.

Jayden de Laura, who plays quarterback for the University of Arizona, and Kamoi Latu, the University of Wisconsin defenseman, and their families have agreed to pay the victim an undisclosed amount to settle the case.

If the court approved the agreement, it would have left Saint Louis School as the sole defendant, likely to pay out a bigger amount.

The school is objecting, saying the others should pay more because the players are making money as part of the Name, Image, Likeness program.

“Saint Louis is saying, you’re only coming after us, the institution because we have what we call deep pockets,” said attorney Megan Kau, who is not involved with this case.

The school and players were sued for an alleged rape that happened in October 2018, in the parking garage of the campus after the Saint Louis Crusaders won the ILH championship.

The criminal case was handled in juvenile court.

The judge in the civil case ordered the players and families to turn over financial records, that include the 2022 tax documents.

“It’s a good argument for St. Louis to make because the boys and their parents now have a duty to produce financial information,” said Kau.

It was revealed in court that de Laura makes approximately $8,000 a month and got a free car through the Name, Image, Likeness program and Latu made $17,500 last month alone.

But his lawyer said that was more than previous years.

The judge is giving both sides until Aug. 4 to provide the financial information and other documents.