New blue light program introduced in Tucson; collisions expected to go down

Published: Sep. 8, 2023 at 10:21 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) - We all know the three colors of a traffic light, but what about a fourth?

The brand-new blue lights program was introduced at the Grant and Craycroft intersection, a hotspot for collisions in Tucson. This blue light is introduced to reduce crashes at busy intersections and keep everyone safe.

The blue light rests just below the traffic light. It is not a camera or recording device; all it does is illuminate when the light is red, and it allows officers to safely observe and catch anyone trying to outrun the light at a safe distance.

“This blue light program is a collaboration effort between the Department of Transportation and Mobility and the Tucson Police Department in an effort to increase safety at intersections,” said Erica Frazelle from the Department of Transportation and Mobility.

“Not only for all modes of transportation, but also for law enforcement officers.”

Drivers may be confused to look up and see a light they weren’t expecting, but they should keep driving safely and pay attention to the road.

“So there’s really no change in the intersection. All movements remain the same, left turns proceed with caution, red means stop,” said Frazelle.

“These blue lights are just an addition, it’s nothing to distract drivers, They’re only there for law enforcement officers.”

Officers say this extra tool will decrease collisions at busy interactions and increase safety for all on the road.

“Nobody wants to get in a crash, that will ruin someone’s day, no one wants to get a ticket, that will also ruin a day,” said Sgt. Fritsch from TPD.

“So to safely traverse through the intersection, we don’t want people driving through red lights. So nothing changes outside the installation of the blue lights, outside of how Tucson Police operates.”

More blue lights may pop up around Tucson, but police remind drivers to always be careful on the road and to use extra caution, especially on left turns.

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