PACC home to almost 500 dogs, process laid out for dogs on euthanasia list

Published: Sep. 12, 2023 at 4:58 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) - PACC is currently home to more than 480 dogs. Some of those animals include dogs on the euthanasia list, that are always deserving of a brand-new start and a forever home.

First, a dog’s placement is determined after their full history is reviewed by PACC.

“There might be some dogs that we immediately deem a public safety risk, that we would then euthanize,” said Monica Dangler, director at PACC.

“There might be dogs where they’re a little tricky and needs really special placement, but PACC doesn’t have the resources for that, so those are dogs we would deadline; we call that STR.”

Dogs that are listed as STR can still be fostered or adopted, but they must be pulled from the list by a rescue. Dogs have five days from the day they are listed as STR, and their deadline on the fifth day is 3 p.m.

Being there in person is crucial.

“That just gives us a buffer time,” Dangler said.

“But, when people contact us at 6:30, 6:45, or 6:59 and they walk in, that’s going to be problematic because it takes a while to meet a dog, learn all the things you need to know about them, and if you have other pets in the household, you have to introduce to make sure it’s going to be successful.”

Reading through a dog’s records during the application process is extremely important. Dogs on the euthanasia list and others on deadline would make great pets, but some have had a rocky past.

“We want to make sure the dog is going to a home that is not going to cause any issues for the people there or the public,” said Ben Garagozloo. Garagozloo is the founder and director of Lucy’s Hope Sanctuary and Rescue.

“The other thing is the goal of rescue is to make sure we don’t have this revolving door of dogs that are getting into homes but basically coming back again, who are bouncing back because they are not able to be managed properly,” he said.

Helping these animals is a win-win, to help PACC lower their capacity, and to potentially save a dog’s life.

“Every dog can bite; every dog can get into a dogfight; you have to pick the right dog for the right home,” Garagozloo said.

“You have to be prepared to work through some of those issues safely. Definitely at our rescue, and with many of our supporters, is that every dog deserves a chance.”

Many dogs are in need of a home, like Jewels.

Jewels happens to be my foster, and she is sweet as pie. This 10-year-old is a fighter; after beating cancer and a rattlesnake bite, this senior needs a home with endless cuddles and a family who is always up for a long walk.

For more information on Jewels, click here.

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