Coffee pot poisoning case police reports show rocky relationship between accused wife and accuser husband

He calls her a narcissist motivated by money; she says he sexually assaulted her
Published: Sep. 13, 2023 at 7:54 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) - Police reports are providing a closer look at the woman who was arrested and charged with trying to kill her husband by poisoning his coffee. The reports from the day she was arrested also provide a transcript of an interview with her airman husband by a Tucson Police detective.

In the report by Tucson Police, the airman who recorded his wife, Melody Feliciano Johnson, pouring bleach into his coffee explains not just the chain of events but how he still feels for her the day they arrested her.

Melody Feliciano Johnson was arrested in July on charges of domestic violence, attempted first-degree murder and domestic violence, attempted aggravated assault, adding poison to food or drink. According to her husband in a police report from her arrest in July:

“I am dead certain, like, um, at least that she’s a narcissist, um, at the minimum. And I have, I can talk about that for a long time. Um, I think there’s something going on.”

In March, the airman filed for divorce from his wife while they lived in Germany. That’s when his coffee began tasting different. He told a Tucson Police detective the coffee tasted bad when it cooled off and he kept drinking it for about three weeks. He did not get any symptoms of poisoning, but after he spent a few weeks away on temporary duty in Italy in April, he felt that something was wrong with his coffee when he returned. The husband started testing the water in the coffee maker with pool testing strips and they indicated chemicals. The airman played along as if he was drinking the coffee and waited to report it until the family moved to Tucson this summer. He told the detective:

“I’ve told them that I’m glad I didn’t do it in Germany because I don’t think based on what I had there, that anything would’ve stuck. I just, uh, that’s why I had to be patient. But I say this because I, I am p*****. I’m mad. I, I feel betrayed, but at the end of the day, I, I worry for her. I do.”

The first time he showed the video to Tucson Police, they said it was not detailed enough to show any crime. The airman set up more cameras in the laundry room where the bleach was, the hallway from the laundry room to the kitchen and over the coffee maker, and recorded for multiple days. That was enough for detectives to charge Melody Johnson. The airman said he discovered that she bought a home in the Philippines late last year without telling him and she was asking about his insurance, which he tells police he made someone else the beneficiary:

“I moved everything. She doesn’t know it, but, uh, my opinion, she’s driven by money. Like that’s what she wants.”

The report also said that Johnson told police she was a victim of sexual assault by her husband in Germany but did not report it because he threatened to interfere with her background check to get into the United States.

Her next court date is in November.

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