Sunday Spotlight: Rep. Juan Ciscomani on impeachment inquiry, looming shutdown

Sunday Spotlight: Rep. Juan Ciscomani on impeachment inquiry, looming shutdown
Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 3:03 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) - Three congressional committees are starting an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, his family, and business practices. There are many questions from democrats, and even some republicans about what evidence there may be look into impeachment. Representative Juan Ciscomani says he supports the push for answers.

“I am supportive of this inquiry,” he says. “What this basically does is it gives Congress additional tools to be able to have full oversight.”

Republican-led committees have been looking to the President for months. Lawmakers on both sides say they’re not convinced there’s enough to move forward. That includes Arizona Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Kelly.

“I haven’t seen any evidence,” he says. “The big picture is we should be focused on the things we need to do. Keeping the government open is at the top of the list,” said Senator Kelly.

Meanwhile, Representative Ciscomani says the questions deserve answers.

“The allegations are troubling,” says Ciscomani.

As the inquiry moves forward, a government shutdown is looming. The deadline is September 30th, and there is no deal in sight. Ciscomani says he would support a shorter-term continuing resolution.

“You basically buy some time to be able to continue to fund the government and at the same time give ourselves some good to negotiate the wrinkles and the disagreements,” he says.

He says he wouldn’t support a longer continuing resolution.

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