Accomplished Tucson musician accused of stabbing “random stranger” in the neck outside a store

Published: Oct. 3, 2023 at 8:29 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) - A Tucson man escapes death after being stabbed in the throat outside a Home Depot this year.

The suspect, an accomplished musician, is behind bars in the Pima County jail charged with attempted murder.

35-year-old Michael Moynihan Jr. is also a convicted felon suffering from mental illness.

Court records show Moynihan said he intended to target and kill a random stranger.

911 calls from witnesses describe what unfolded at the scene.

911 Caller: “I just saw some guy cut another guy in the neck.”

A security camera shows Moynihan walking along the side of a Home Depot.

He suddenly bolts towards a man leaving the store, pushing a shopping cart.

Dispatcher: “Did you witness it?”

911 Caller: “I heard the screaming and then when I turned around I saw them collide.”

911 Caller 2: “Just slashed this other guy’s neck.”

Police records reveal the victim thought he had only been punched in the neck.

Moynihan told police he “tried to slash his throat” and “the victim was able to chase him off.”

The man “later realized he was stabbed” when he “noticed blood pouring down his T-shirt.”

911 Caller 2: “He’s bleeding pretty good. It’s right down underneath his chin all the way down to his throat. Got him with a razor knife.”

911 Caller 1: “It’s a Milwaukee Razor Knife. Like a box cutter blade.”

Moynihan had admitted he bought it at the store.

The victim said he didn’t know his attacker.

Medical staff told officers it took “26 sutures to close his wound.”

911 Caller 1: “He got cut and the guy’s walking away. He’s walking towards Broadway.”

Another 911 call is made but from a different location.

911 Caller 3: “He’s going into another establishment.”

He headed to a restaurant about 1,000 feet away.

Police records show Moynihan “flagged down officers and made utterances that he tried to kill someone.”

He said “he was excited that he was able to go through with the stabbing " and “he would try to kill someone if he was released from jail.”

911 Caller 3: “They just arrested him right now.”

Dispatcher: “They got him?”

911 Caller 3: “Yeah.”

Officers arrested him for attempted murder and aggravated assault.

Moynihan’s case is an outlier -- not the typical mental health case that runs through the Pima County court system.

Records show Moynihan is described as an accomplished, “intelligent, talented, gifted musician.”

His website shows details of his accomplishments, albums, videos of his performances, his resume and music industry articles citing his accomplishments. In one interview, he shared that he was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar, which are serious disorders.

Court documents show he suffers from “schizoaffective disorder” and that “he hears voices, has grandiose beliefs, and hallucinates.

13 News Investigates has spoken to the victim, who did not want to be interviewed, but confirms the police report descriptions of the stabbing incident.

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