Pima County Board of Supervisors will discuss the Israel-Hamas War

Published: Oct. 16, 2023 at 10:19 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) - The Pima County Board of Supervisors is looking to adopt a new resolution to reaffirm its stance on the Israel-Hamas war.

District 4 Supervisor Steve Christy and District 2 Supervisor Matt Heinz have pushed forward the addendum.

Christy’s memorandum reaffirms Israel’s right to self-defense and stands with their retaliatory efforts.

  1. Stands with Israel and the Jewish people as they defend themselves against the barbaric war launched by Hamas and other terrorists;
  2. Reaffirms Israel’s right to self-defense and stands with their retaliatory efforts;
  3. Condemns Hamas’ brutal war against Israel and the heinous tactics used against innocents;
  4. Calls on all countries to unequivocally condemn Hamas’ brutal war against Israel and to stand with Israel;
  5. Calls on Hamas to immediately cease these violent attacks safely release all living hostages and return the bodies of deceased hostages;
  6. Mourns together with Pima County’s Jewish community the over 1,300 Israelis and 27 Americans killed and over 2,600 others wounded in Hamas’ unprovoked attack on Israel;
  7. Condemns Iran’s support for terrorist groups and proxies, including Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and their wanton desire to eradicate the Jewish people;
  8. Urges full enforcement of United States sanctions against Iran to prevent Iran’s funding of terrorist groups, including Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

One Pima County District 4 resident wrote this in support of Supervisor Christy.

“I stand with Israel and the Jewish people. They have the right to exist and to defend themselves,” Resident, District 4.

Supervisor Heinz mirrored the same type of language, except showing some support for the Palestinian people.

  1. Condemns Hamas’ brutal attack against Israeli civilians on October 7, 2023, in no uncertain terms;
  2. Affirms Israel’s right to exist and their right to defend themselves against extremism and terror threats such as those posed by Hamas and others;
  3. Affirms the right of the Palestinian people to also exist, and to live free from the terror of air strikes and blockades that prevent needed food, water, medicine, electricity, and fuel from reaching them;
  4. Affirms the desire of the majority of the people of Israel AND the majority of the people of the Palestinian Territories to live in peace and to pass down a better world to their children;
  5. Affirms the rights of all human beings to live in peace, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or geography;
  6. Strongly urges the State of Israel to employ every possible precaution to prevent harming civilians as it endeavors to hold Ha mas accountable for the atrocities committed by Hamas militants;
  7. Calls on Hamas to accept the right of Israel to exist, to immediately cease all attacks on Israeli civilians, and to immediately and safely release all hostages it has taken; and
  8. Urges the Israeli government and Palestinian leadership to sit down and negotiate a lasting peace, which will involve compromise on both sides, as this is the ONLY way to ensure the long-term safety and stability of the region and, therefore the future of all the region’s people.

The board of supervisors will discuss the agenda item on Tuesday, October 17, 2023, at 9:00 a.m.

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