Meet Molly! Sierra Vista Fire and Medical Services newest squad member

Published: Oct. 17, 2023 at 11:08 PM MST
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TUCSON, Ariz. (13 News) - Sierra Vista Fire and Medical Services is introducing the southern Arizona community to its newest fire squad member.

According to Brett Scheib the Fire Captain for S-V-F-D, the seven-month-old Dalmatian puppy whose name pays tribute to Molly Williams, a well-known trailblazer for women firefighters.

“Molly Williams was the very first female firefighter in like 1818,” Scheib said.

Fast forward over 200 years later, this Molly is anything but your typical first responder.

“She’s chill, she is calm,” Scheib said. “She is super sweet and super friendly.”

Molly will be an extra friend at the station, being there for first responders after hard-fought battles.

“We do see a lot of unusual emergency scenes and calls. Sometimes that can affect not only the patients but also the first responders,” Scheib said. “When we do have those kinds of interesting incidents, she will be able to come around the station and help with some emotional support.”

Molly is the department’s second fire dog. Back in the 70s, the department had another Dalmatian named Princess.

Scheib said having a dog around the fire station will support firefighters and the community during tough situations.

“I know a lot of people tend to think Dalmatians have a ton of energy,” Scheib said. “I think she has energy when the time calls. But for the most part, she is just as calm and as chill as can be.”

Scheib tells 13 News an anonymous donor gifted Molly to the department.

Fry Fire Department and Tombstone Fire Department were also given their own Dalmatian puppy.

“They actually have an initiative for every fire agency and fire station at least in southern Arizona to have a mascot, a Dalmatian,” Scheib said.

Molly will also be a mascot and resource for the community. According to SVFD, Molly will give the department the chance to educate the public about fire safety in a fun, interactive way.

“Just the joy she brings to the community,” Scheib said. “She is just able to provide that joy and comfort at all of our community events we are able to make it to.”

Even though Molly won’t be at the station full time, she will be there enough to be the spark the department needs.

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