Restaurant Report Card

  Restaurant Report Card: Market snags health inspectors’ attention

  Restaurant Report Card: Jerry Bob’s location enduring rough year

  Restaurant Report Card: Food trucks doing it right

  Coco’s Bakery working on refrigeration problems

  Restaurant Report Card: Several restaurants placed on probation

  Restaurant Report Card: East-side restaurant doing things right

Continued Coverage

  RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Iconic Tucson restaurants fail health inspection

  Restaurant Report Card: Denny’s near I-10, Irvington fails because of cold holding

  RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Health Department says ‘cold holding’ most common violation

  RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Green Valley hangout fails inspection

  RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Urine, feces, dead mouse shut down Tucson restaurant

  Restaurant Report Card: Food court spot forced to temporarily close

  RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Tucson seafood shack can’t stay out of trouble

This week, we found out three restaurants and two gas stations in Pima County failed their health inspections.

  RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Jason’s Deli faces ongoing problems

The Pima County Health Department inspects hundreds of restaurants, retirement homes and daycare facilities each month.

  RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Cafe a la C’Art fails health inspection

Each month, the Pima County Health Department inspects hundreds of restaurants and fast food places.

  RESTAURANT REPORT CARD: Find out which Tucson food shops received failing grades

We’re launching a new segment to you keep you safe when you grab a bite to eat.