July 4 weekend fuels worries about skyrocketing virus cases

The United States has dipped under 50,000 new daily infections for the first time in four days, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University, but experts fear celebrations for the July 4th weekend will act like rocket fuel for the nation’s surging coronavirus outbreak.

Trump signs extension of COVID-relief fund for businesses

  Arizona reports 1,809 deaths from COVID-19; 282 in Pima County

  Debates turn emotional as schools across US decide how and if to open

  For nation’s birthday, Trump stokes the divisions within US

  All Souls Procession public events cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic

Dodgers pitcher Price won’t play this year because of virus

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  Virus doesn’t stop annual hot dog eating contest

  US holiday weekend adds to virus worries as case counts grow

  English pubs reopen but little normal elsewhere in the world

  Governors stress ‘personal responsibility’ over virus orders

  One-of-a-kind COVID-19 clinical trial happening now in Tucson

  Pima County to accelerate contact tracing in coming weeks

  Trump pushes racial division, flouts virus rules at Rushmore

President Donald Trump will begin his Independence Day weekend on Friday with a patriotic display of fireworks at Mount Rushmore before a crowd of thousands. But even in a part of the country where many remain supportive of the president, the event has drawn controversy and protests.

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump campaign official and Donald Trump Jr.‘s girlfriend, tests positive for coronavirus

Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of President Donald Trump’s oldest son, has contracted the coronavirus.

  Pima County health department hoping residents stay safe while celebrating this weekend

As closures continue and cases are on the rise, the Pima County Health Department hopes people will celebrate the Fourth of July safely.

Despite Ducey’s order, Orangetheory plans to reopen after Fourth of July weekend

Orangetheory has not responded to media questions about why its remain open following Gov. Doug Ducey's executive order.

Jimmie Johnson 1st NASCAR driver to test positive for virus

Pima County Health Director on holiday weekend: “We really are encouraging people to stay home.”

Sonora to restrict non-essential travel starting Saturday

  July Fourth weekend will test Americans’ discipline

  New outbreaks push inmate coronavirus cases past 50,000

  Safety tips for July 4th travel plans vs. staying home

Disney suspends college internship program amid pandemic

The program was initially suspended in mid-March when the theme parks and hotels closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fact Finders: Confusion over closures? Enforcement for Gov. Ducey’s executive order

The governor's office says the intention of the order is to "be interpreted broadly to minimize opportunities to spread COVID-19."

Married 71 years, Ohio couple die from COVID-19 one day apart

Glenn and Gertrude Richardson’s 72nd anniversary would have been Friday.

Gyms ordered to close, not all are

Many gyms and fitness centers are now looking to find a way to continue to operate—and that means moving outdoors.

  Officials urge responsible camping and hiking 4th of July weekend

A face covering isn't required if you're able to keep a social distance while hiking but it's best to show up prepared.

  How California went from success story to virus hot spot

Heading into Memorial Day weekend, California's mood was celebratory. The state had avoided dire predictions of a coronavirus surge, hospitalizations were starting to decline and restaurants and most other businesses had reopened.

  Walmart turning 160 parking lots into drive-in theaters

Walmart is transforming 160 of its store parking lots into drive-in movie theaters starting in August.

  Coronavirus cases rise in 40 states; Texas issues mask mandate

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. climbed to an all-time high of more than 50,000 per day on Thursday, with the infection curve rising in 40 out of 50 states in a reversal that has largely spared only the Northeast.

Coronavirus concerns freeze Vanilla Ice show

The 1990s rapper with the hit single "Ice Ice Baby" had been scheduled to play a lakeside concert just outside Austin on Friday, but on Thursday he announced it was being postponed.

  US unemployment falls to 11%, but new shutdowns are underway

U.S. employers added a substantial 4.8 million jobs in June, and the unemployment rate fell to 11.1%, as the job market improved for a second straight month yet still remained far short of regaining the colossal losses it suffered this spring.

FBI warns public about money schemes amid COVID-19 pandemic

FBI warns about possible online scams amid COVID-19 pandemic.

  Does wearing a mask pose any health risks?

In areas where COVID-19 is spreading, health experts agree that wearing masks or other face coverings in public helps reduce the risk of spreading the virus when people can't socially distance by staying 6 feet apart.

  Closing bars to stop coronavirus spread is backed by science

Authorities are closing honky tonks, bars and other drinking establishments in some parts of the U.S. to stem the surge of COVID-19 infections — a move backed by sound science about risk factors that go beyond wearing or not wearing masks.

  Trump plans huge July 4 fireworks show despite DC’s concerns

The Trump administration is promising one of the largest fireworks displays in recent memory in Washington on July Fourth.

  Fact Finders: With COVID-19 cases increasing, how often should I get tested?

Pima County Health Director says it is important to handle stress, anxiety through the pandemic.

  Vice President Pence meets with Gov. Ducey as Arizona leads nation in coronavirus cases

A masked Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Arizona on Wednesday, where the state leads the nation in new coronavirus cases per capita.

  Cases spike in Sunbelt, other states back off on reopening

The run-up in cases — blamed in part on "knucklehead behavior" by Americans not wearing masks or obeying other social-distancing rules — has raised fears that many states could see the same phenomenon if they reopen too, or that people from the South and West could spread the virus to other regions.

  Yoga and small fitness studios question Arizona’s shutdown

The studio owners said exercise is something that's especially important right now to help reduce stress and keep people healthy.

Diocese of Tucson suspends public worship amid COVID-19 uprisings

Diocese of Tucson suspends public worship gatherings amid COVID-19 outbreak.

  FEMA discusses hurricane season changes amid COVID-19 crisis

The Atlantic hurricane season is already breaking records with several storms named so early this year. With parts of the U.S. battling the wrath of the coronavirus pandemic, experts urge you not to delay in preparing.

5 things to watch for in Thursday’s jobs report for June

Economists have forecast that employers added 3 million jobs in June and that the unemployment rate dropped to 12.3% from 13.3% in May.

Sheriff Napier weighs in on face mask requirement, says PCSD will focus on education rather than punishment

The Pima County Sheriff’s Department said it will focus on education, not enforcement when it comes to both the county’s face covering requirement and Gov. Doug Ducey’s executive order that shut down bar, gyms and movie theaters.

Phoenix-area luxury health company loses two more liquor licenses after Ducey’s executive order

Two businesses in Phoenix have their liquor licenses suspended one day after Ducey's executive order.

  Dems: Government’s ‘deadly delay’ devastated nursing homes

Wednesday's report finds a lack of coordination among government agencies hindered access to coronavirus testing and protective equipment, among other problems.

  Little evidence that protests spread coronavirus in US

If the protests had driven an explosion in cases, experts say, the jumps would have started to become apparent within two weeks.

  Study: Children can transmit COVID-19 like adults

A new study suggests children may be able to transmit coronavirus similar to infected adults.

  ‘Friday the 13th’-like villain stars in PSA for mask wearing

A New York public service announcement to get people to wear masks during the pandemic stars a character who looks like Jason from ‘Friday the 13th.’

  Health officials look to pool testing as new approach to trace coronavirus

Experts are now considering a new approach: pool testing. Many say it's the necessary next step in testing and tracing COVID-19.

  Bandana is least effective form of face mask, study says

Scientists at Florida Atlantic University are experimenting with different non-medical masks to find the most effective face covering to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

  Health experts slam US hoarding of only licensed virus drug

Health experts on Wednesday slammed the U.S. decision to hog nearly the entire global supply of remdesivir, the only drug licensed so far to treat COVID-19, warning that type of selfish behavior sets a dangerous precedent for attempts to share scarce treatments amid the pandemic.

  Hollowed out public health system faces more cuts amid virus

The U.S. public health system has been starved for decades and lacks the resources to confront the worst health crisis in a century.

  Senate extends small business coronavirus relief program

About $130 billion remains of $660 billion approved so far for the subsidy program, which provides direct subsidies to businesses harmed by the coronavirus pandemic.

  Demand for laptops, computers in the age of virtual learning

Some parents feel uneasy about sending their kids back to school in the fall.

Baseball’s minor leagues cancel 2020 seasons

Baseball's minor leagues canceled their seasons Tuesday because of the coronavirus pandemic, and the head of their governing body said more than half of the 160 teams were in danger of failing without government assistance or private equity injections.

  Hospitals staff up for 4th of July amid COVID-19 outbreak

Health care workers urge hose to celebrate the holiday safely.

  Businesses forced to shut down after Gov. Ducey issues another executive order

Arizona has for weeks been in the headlines as one of the worst state’s in the nation when it came to battling the coronavirus.

Tucson MVD office closes after COVID-19 cases among employees

ADOT is experiencing staffing difficulties due to the spread of the coronavirus.

  Republicans, with exception of Trump, now push mask-wearing

In Republican circles -- with the notable exception of the man who leads the party -- the debate about masks is over: It’s time to put one on.

COVID-19 survivor barely recognizes himself after 25 days in a coma

Ahmad Ayyad went from peak physical condition and competing in obstacle races to losing 60 pounds after being hospitalized due to the coronavirus.

  Sunbelt states rush to line up hospital beds, not barstools, amid virus surge

States such as Florida, Arizona, Texas and California have reversed course, closing or otherwise clamping down on bars, shutting beaches and rolling back restaurant capacity.

LOOKING FOR WORK? Here’s a list of who’s hiring in southern Arizona

Employers holding job fairs to fill open positions.

  FDA approves an at-home breast cancer treatment

The Food and Drug Administration has approved an at-home breast cancer treatment called Phesgo.

  Fauci: US ‘going in wrong direction’ in coronavirus outbreak

States such as Texas, Florida and California are backtracking, closing beaches and bars or rolling back restaurant restrictions in some cases.

  Paycheck Protection Program coming to an end

The program is credited by government officials for saving millions of jobs, with more than 4.8 million small business owners tapping into the funds, for more than $519 billion in loans.

  Pediatrics group strongly encourages return of in-person school

The American Academy of Pediatrics encouraged schools to have the goal of “having students physically present in school” despite the rising tide of COVID-19 infections nationwide.

  Trader Joe’s shopper rants on camera after being told to wear a mask

Video from a Trader Joe’s in California shows a shopper throwing a tantrum after she was told to wear a face covering inside the store.

How risky is flying during the coronavirus pandemic?

Flying can increase your risk of exposure to infection, but airlines are taking some precautions and you can too.

  Serious coronavirus-linked condition hit 285 US children, studies say

The studies show most children recovered after intensive-care treatment, but many had heart complications. The potential for long-term or permanent damage is unknown.

  Family of Fla. deputy who died of COVID-19 denied line-of-duty insurance claim

While Florida statutes do classify certain health conditions as “accidental and caused by employment,” the AIG insurance company says that doesn’t technically include COVID-19.

  Southern Arizona districts react to Gov. Ducey’s delay to school year

Districts can offer distance learning before in-person classes are required.

  Bars, restaurants react to new executive order

In this executive order the businesses can go back to pick up, drive thru and delivery options.

  Gov. Ducey closes all bars, gyms, movie theaters for 30 days

All bars, gyms and movie theaters in Arizona will close for 30 days and the start of the school year has been pushed back to Aug.17.

  Survey finds confusion among public about pandemic news

For a story that has dominated the news for four months, a survey out Monday illustrates the difficulty that many Americans have in finding information that they trust about the coronavirus pandemic.

  States reverse openings, require masks amid virus resurgence

The United States on Monday reported 38,800 newly confirmed infections, with the total surpassing 2.5 million.

  AP FACT CHECK: Actually, 20% of US lives in a virus hot spot

The White House has repeatedly cited the low county tally, and Pence reaffirmed the point in a televised interview Sunday.

  Monday brings red flag warning, grounding air operations fighting Bighorn Fire

Helicopter operations had to be grounded around 4pm Monday due to high winds, and authorities say many of the efforts by aircraft are suppressed or blown away during windy days.

  Worldwide coronavirus death toll exceeds 500,000 amid fears worst to come

Experts say there is ample evidence the scourge is making a comeback in the United States, including increasing deaths and hospitalizations in parts of the country and higher percentages of virus tests coming back positive.

Coconino National Forest closes multiple campground sites to stop spread

The sites will be closed throughout the summer.