University of Arizona studies frontline worker COVID-19 immunity

The University of Arizona is finding out how long COVID-19 immunity lasts among first responders, healthcare and essential workers and their rate of getting the virus again through the AZ HEROES study.

COVID-19 Tracker: Check out the latest on test results around the country

  2nd study testing a COVID-19 antibody drug has a setback

  Arizona reports 5,934 deaths from COVID-19; 639 in Pima County

  Empty Parisian sidewalks as France enters day 1 of lockdown

  Two Sahuarita students win national ‘Masks By Me’ contest

Forget the nasal swab, University of Arizona developing COVID-19 test that only requires salt-water gargle

Pope ends public audiences, eyes Christmas as virus surges

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  ‘Difficult winter’: Europe divided on lockdowns; cases soar

Kroger pharmacies to offer $25 rapid COVID-19 antibody tests

  Europe and US facing new round of shutdowns amid virus surge

  CVS expands COVID-19 testing services

  What goes into making a vaccine?

University of Arizona: Latest COVID-19 testing results

Data from the University of Arizona's COVID-19 dashboard shows an exponential increase in the number of cases since the end of August.

  Virus pushes twin cities El Paso and Juarez to the brink

The average number of new cases per day in the U.S. has soared more than 40% over the past two weeks, from around 49,000 to about 70,000.

Store guard stabbed 27 times for asking women to wear masks

The alleged attack late Sunday by 21-year-old Jessica Hill and 18-year-old Jayla Hill left the 32-year-old victim hospitalized in critical condition.

  ‘We’re working on it:’ Pope’s COVID advisers and the mask

At age 83 and with part of his lung removed after an illness in his youth, Pope Francis would be at high risk for complications if he were to become infected with COVID-19.

Governor bans indoor dining in Chicago amid virus surge

  Medicare finalizing coverage policy for coronavirus vaccine

  Still hampered by virus, US casinos want aid in recovering

  New protests loom as Europeans tire of virus restrictions

  Study: Heart scans uncover COVID-19 damage in some patients

  Masks could save more than 100K lives in US through February, study suggests

  Husband in world’s longest-lived couple dies at 110 after pandemic brings depression

The couple had received the Guinness record for the world’s longest-lived marriage on August 25, with a combined age of 214 years and 358 days.

  As COVID-19 cases rise, war over face mask requirements brews in Pima County

A war is brewing over face mask mandates in Pima County.

  Coronavirus deaths are rising again in the US, as feared

Health experts had warned that it was only a matter of time before deaths turned upward, given the record-breaking surge in cases engulfing the country.

Federal government sending more than 2 million antigen tests to Arizona

The rapid point-of-care tests can diagnose coronavirus infection in as little as fifteen minutes.

Navajo Nation: No new COVID-19 deaths for 6th day in a row

Navajo Nation: No new COVID-19 deaths for 6th day in a row

  French doctor warns his country has ‘lost control’ of virus

Europe’s confirmed death toll has surpassed 250,000 according to a count by Johns Hopkins University, which puts the global toll at more than 1.1 million.

  CDC highlights safety tips for in-person voting amid pandemic

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reminding Americans to be cautious while voting.

  New US virus cases top 83,700 for 2nd day in row

Close to 8.6 million Americans have contracted the coronavirus since the pandemic began, and about 225,000 have died.

  US sets coronavirus infection record; deaths near 224,000

The U.S. coronavirus caseload has reached record heights with more than 83,000 infections reported in a single day.

  Fauci suggests nationwide mask requirement as virus numbers climb

The country’s most famous expert on COVID is a fan of masks, but Dr. Anthony Fauci hasn’t supported mandating them at the federal level. In light a of a new model that shows a winter surge of infection is already upon us, he told CNN’s Erin Burnett maybe it is time to require them.

Desert View High student tests positive for COVID-19

A student at Desert View High School has tested positive for COVID-19.

  Some hospitals in crisis as US nears high for COVID-19 cases

The United States is approaching a record for the number of new daily coronavirus cases in the latest ominous sign about the disease’s grip on the nation, as states from Connecticut to Idaho reel under the surge.

  Dutch hospital airlifts patients to Germany amid virus surge

Worldwide, the virus has infected more than 41 million people and killed more than 1.1 million, according to a count by Johns Hopkins University.

  Dentists warn skipping appointments could cause harm

Dentists say skipping cleanings is leading to more teeth issues, especially because of what they call “mask mouth.”

FDA approves first COVID-19 drug called Veklury

U.S. regulators on Thursday approved the first drug to treat COVID-19.

  FDA approves first COVID-19 drug: the antiviral remdesivir

U.S. regulators have approved the first drug to treat COVID-19. Remdesivir is an antiviral medicine given through an IV for patients needing hospitalization.

  US regulators seek advice on thorny issues as vaccines near

The Food and Drug Administration may have to decide by year’s end whether to allow use of the first vaccines against the virus.

  Southwest to resume selling every seat on flights

In an earnings report released Thursday, Southwest cited findings by medical and aviation organizations as a reason for resuming normal sales.

COVID-19 cases surging toward 1,000 a day, ASU expert warns

Expert urges Arizona residents to continue to wear masks, social distance and get tested every week until a reliable vaccine is ready.

  Europe faces more curfews, restrictions as virus cases swell

From Italy to the United Kingdom, nations are trying to get a handle on a surging pandemic.

  What it’s like to lose sense of smell, taste due to COVID

Some of those suffering from that symptom say they can feel its effects even months after their original diagnosis.

  School nurse shortage poses new challenge amid pandemic

In the midst of the pandemic, one position at schools is proving to be more important than ever before.

LOOKING FOR WORK? Here’s a list of who’s hiring in southern Arizona

Employers holding job fairs to fill open positions.

  Middle schooler threatened with arrest for missing less than 2 hours of virtual class

The school principal says the incident is the result of new California guidelines which require districts to keep a closer eye on student attendance.

  Tucson airport named ‘Star Facility’ for COVID-19 precautions

If you’re planning on flying out of Tucson International Airport, you may not have much to worry about - as long as you’re wearing a mask.

Virtual learning poses unique challenges for Arizona’s 148,000 students in special ed programs

Gov. Doug Ducey signed an executive order in July requiring that schools reopen at least in a limited capacity for some students.

Volunteer in AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine trial dies in Brazil

It wasn’t clear whether the volunteer received the vaccine or a placebo shot.

FHA gives needy homeowners more time to request assistance

FHA requires mortgage servicers to provide up to six months of COVID-19 forbearance when a homeowner requests this assistance.

  CDC redefines COVID-19 close contact, adds brief encounters

The CDC advises anyone who has been in close contact with a COVID-19 patient to quarantine for two weeks.

  Virus spikes have officials looking to shore up hospitals

Hospitals around the United States are starting to buckle from a resurgence of COVID-19 cases, with several states setting records for the number of people hospitalized and leaders scrambling to find extra beds and staff.

  Next up in hunt for COVID-19 vaccine: Testing shots in kids

Multiple vaccine candidates are in final-stage studies in tens of thousands of adults, and scientists are hopeful that the next few months will bring evidence that at least some of them are safe and effective enough for widespread use.

9 low-cost ways to make virtual learning easier for kids

These items, all under $15, can help make distance learning more appealing to even the youngest learners.

ADHS releases requirements to establishments providing entertainment with dine-in services

AZDHS released requirements to businesses that offer activities such as arcade games, pool, bowling and karaoke on resuming activities while following risk-reduction COVID-19 mandates.

  Deadline looms, but COVID relief deal may be far off

Republicans are reconvening the Senate this week to vote on a virus proposal, but it’s a bill that failed once before, and that Trump himself now derides as too puny.

  Blood from sickest COVID-19 patients makes best plasma therapy treatment

The sicker a patient is with the virus, the stronger the antibody response seems to be.

  California will allow fans at pro sports but not Disneyland

California will let fans back in outdoor stadiums for pro sporting events in counties with low coronavirus infection rates but isn’t ready to allow Disneyland and other major theme parks to reopen, the state’s top health official said Tuesday.

U of A searching for Latino families for online study on pandemic experiences

Each family will earn $40 for participating in this study.

ADHS advises healthcare providers to forego flu vaccinations to COVID infected

Although health authorities across Arizona have urged people to get their flu vaccines as soon as possible, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has offered new guidance to health providers on flu vaccines and those infected with COVID-19.

  Leaders in US, Europe divided on response to surging virus

New virus cases in the U.S. have surged in recent weeks from a daily average of about 42,000 in early October to about 58,000 — the highest level since late July.

Older workers face higher unemployment amid virus pandemic

For the first time in nearly 50 years, older workers face higher unemployment than their midcareer worker counterparts, according to a study released Tuesday by the New School university in New York City.

  UK to infect healthy volunteers in vaccine research trial

Imperial College London says the study involves healthy volunteers aged 18 to 30.

  CDC: ‘Strong recommendation’ but no rule for masks on planes

The CDC says masks should be worn by all passengers and workers on planes, ferries, trains, subways, buses, taxis and ride-sharing vehicles. That includes in airports and at subway and bus stations.

  AP-NORC/USAFacts poll: US trust in COVID-19 information down

Experts in health, science and political communication said they see three reasons for the drop in trust: fear, politics and the public watching science messily forming in real time.

  Target announces new round of bonuses for employees amid pandemic

Target is planning to pay out $70 million in bonuses to workers as the retail giant moves into the busy holiday shopping season.

  California won’t allow virus vaccines without state approval

The governor said the state wants its own independent review no matter who wins the presidential election next month.

Tohono O’odham Nation commits $2M to COVID-19 research

The Tohono O’odham Nation is doing its part in the fight against the coronavirus by giving $1 million each to the Uniersity of Arizona and Arizona State University for COVID-19 research.

  What you need to know about herd immunity

Up to this point, more than 200,000 people have died in the United States and not even 10% of the population has been infected.

  Pfizer: Mid-November earliest it can seek virus vaccine OK

The vaccine made by Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech are among several leading candidates in final testing.

CVS Health to hire 15,000 workers ahead of flu season

The company needs help administering COVID-19 tests and flu shots.

  Confirmed COVID-19 cases worldwide passes 40 million; new strategies target hot spots

Authorities are trying to avoid a dreaded resurgence of illness and deaths, this time with economies weakened from earlier lockdowns and populations chafing at the idea of renewed restrictions.

China’s economy accelerates as virus recovery gains strength

China’s shaky economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic is gaining strength as consumers return to shopping malls and auto dealerships while the United States and Europe endure painful contractions.

  Millions more virus rapid tests, but are results reported?

After struggling to ramp up coronavirus testing, the U.S. can now screen several million people daily, thanks to a growing supply of rapid tests. But the boom comes with a new challenge: keeping track of the results.

Hard hit by virus, airlines push for tests over quarantines

International air traffic is down 92% this year as travelers worry about catching COVID-19 and government travel bans and quarantine rules make planning difficult.

Florida Gators head coach Dan Mullen tests positive for COVID-19

University of Florida head football coach Dan Mullen said in a statement on Twitter Saturday that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Rural Midwest hospitals struggling to handle virus surge

Rural Jerauld County in South Dakota didn’t see a single case of the coronavirus for more than two months stretching from June to August. But over the last two weeks, its rate of new cases per person soared to one of the highest in the nation.

Mayor sends letter to President Trump before his Tucson visit

The letter was a reminder to his campaign about the ordinances currently in effect in both the City of Tucson and Pima County to protect the health of residents against COVID-19.

Amphi alerts families: Positive COVID-19 case confirmed at Mesa Verde Elementary

Amphitheater School District officials sent out a letter to parents and families about a positive COVID-19 case traced at Mesa Verde Elementary.

Add COVID-19 to list of things driving Arizona teachers from jobs

Arizona School Personnel Administrators Association survey finds that 464 teachers who retired this year or who took a year off from teaching said coronavirus was the primary reason.