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  BROOKE’S BARGAINS: Getting more in your tax refund

Learn how to get the most out of your refund and who to look out for.

  Brooke’s Bargains: Answering your credit score questions

TCC hosts Just Between Friends Spring event

BROOKE’S BARGAINS: Options getting free help to prepare your taxes

  BROOKE’S BARGAINS: Christmas shipping deadlines coming up fast

  Brooke’s Bargains: ‘Tis the season for tipping?

  BROOKE’S BARGAINS: Saving your food, and your wallet

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  Brooke’s Bargains: Father’s Day gift ideas

Just in case you forgot to pick something up, Brooke’s Bargains is checking out some awesome last-minute savings.

  Brooke’s Bargains: National donut day

You can celebrate by starting your Friday off with a sweet treat. Brooke’s Bargains checked out where you can score one free on Donut Day!

  Brooke’s Bargains: Memorial Day

Some Southern Arizona businesses are thanking those who’ve served our country with Memorial Day Deals.

  Brooke’s Bargains: Don’t let the helium shortage blow your party budget

But a serious helium shortage is deflating the industry and inflating prices for party stores and their customers.

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Brooke’s Bargains compares pre-made Thanksgiving dinner prices

Brooke’s Bargains: Price Tag Secrets

Learn how to decipher the codes and colors on price tags

  BROOKE’S BARGAINS: Low-cost meals that will leave your family begging for more

Here are some low-cost meals that will leave your family begging for more.

Brooke’s Bargains: Four ways to save more in 2019

If you're like most Americans - one of your resolutions is to save money. But it's hard to make that stick without choosing one or two very specific goals.

Brooke’s Bargains: Regifting Rules

In fact, the average person re-gifted four presents last year. But first, there are some things you should know. Brooke’s Bargains compared notes with etiquette and money experts to build your rules of regifting.

Brooke’s Bargains: Holiday shipping comparison

We did a carrier cost comparison for you. This is for two-day shipping, and we randomly picked a zip code near Houston (two postal zones away), going out from our station zip in Tucson.

Brooke’s Bargains: Savings still on after Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but never fear, many online retailers are turning this into cyber “week” with savings that don’t stop yet.