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  FACT FINDERS: Arizona law allows workers paid time off to vote on Election Day

Reminder: 13-week extension of unemployment benefits available in Arizona

  Fact Finders: Paper Towels vs. Air Dryers? Researchers look at hand-drying debate

  Pima County not worried about supply of influenza vaccine

  Do face shields stop the spread of COVID-19?

  A “Twindemic:” State leaders, health professionals share concern as flu season, COVID-19 are set to collide

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Fact Finders: Can FedEx, UPS step in with mail-in ballots?

Fact Finders: “Hundreds of thousands” of fraud claims flagged by AZDES

Fact Finders: Are mail-sorting machines being removed from Tucson locations?

  Fact Finders: New study finds neck gaiters may be worse than not wearing a mask

Fact Finders: Social media rumors regarding stamps on your mail-in ballot

  Inmates in Tucson stage peaceful walkout over COVID-19 concerns

  Fact Finders: Food safety precautions inside Arizona prisons

The department said gloves are worn by anyone preparing food, and each day after meals are served, a cleaning team comes in to deep-clean the kitchen and dining area.

  Fact Finders: COVID-19 slows down funerary process in Pima County

Pima County Medical Examiner offering help for hospitals, funeral homes dealing with a backlog.

  FACT FINDERS: What does ‘cohort’ mean in returning to school?

Schools will put students into groups and keep those groups consistent to narrow children’s exposure to COVID-19.

  Fact Finders: Eviction concerns under CARES Act a potential ‘tsunami of terror'

Researcher finds dozens of landlords may have violated federal law

Fact Finders: Pima County complaints process for masks, restaurants

  Fact Finders: UA researchers look at best (and worst) materials for masks

  Fact Finders: How secure is my vote-by-mail ballot?

Fact Finders: Do businesses, restaurants have to share COVID-19 cases with you?

Fact Finders: Will a COVID-19 liability waiver hold up in court?

Fact Finders: Three things a liability waiver needs to have

  Fact Finders: Will hand sanitizer, masks hold up in your hot car?

Fire experts weigh in on warnings about hand sanitizer exploding in a hot car.

  Fact Finders: More businesses may add liability waivers. Do customers have to sign?

Requirement for gym or physical activity may now be 'new normal' for range of businesses amid COVID-19

  Fact Finders: I don’t feel comfortable keeping my travel plans with COVID-19. Can I get a refund?

The BBB says COVID-19 doesn't exactly cancel a contract or agreement.

  Fact Finders: COVID-19 impacts on Tucson UPS workers, deliveries

An increase in packages & staffing changes could be slowing down your delivery.

  Towns loosen restrictions so Arizona restaurants can expand seating to comply with social distancing

The professor said outdoor dining is showing to be safer than any indoor plan.

Fact Finders: Businesses at a higher risk to claims related to COVID-19

Lawyer talks liability lawsuits that businesses could face.

  Fact Finders: Can a customer prove they caught COVID-19 at a particular business?

Lawyer talks liability as businesses start to reopen in Arizona.

Fact Finders Update: A deceased relative received a stimulus payment. Here’s to how to return it

New guidance on how to return an incorrect stimulus payment to the IRS.

  Fact Finders: Businesses need a plan to reduce the spread of COVID-19

Businesses need to have a plan in place for employees and customers as they return during the spread of COVID-19.

Fact Finders: Employers dealing with workers making more on unemployment

With the increase in the weekly amount of unemployment compensation, employers may find employees not wanting to return to work.

  Fact Finders: Understanding new labor and employment laws when reopening

Owners need to understand how the new laws work to avoid claims for violating them.

Fact Finders: What to do if COVID-19 relief check doesn’t include money for dependents

Learn more about the relief check ar IRS.gov.

Fact Finders: Reopening your business? What employers need to know to stay out of legal trouble

Legal expert says there is a risk for employers in deciding who to bring back.

  Fact Finders: How to return a stimulus payment sent to a dead relative

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said families need to return the money.

  Fact Finders: Calls increase to Arizona Poison & Drug Information Center

Health experts say the current lifestyle for many is a "perfect storm" for potential of accidental poisonings.

Fact Finders: COVID-19 and funerals

There is currently no known risk associated with being in the same room at a funeral or visitation service with the body of someone who died of COVID-19.

  Fact Finders: New guidelines to protect your pets during coronavirus outbreak

The CDC recommends social distancing, avoiding contact with pets if sick.

  Fact Finders: Is intimacy during the coronavirus outbreak safe?

Health experts weigh in on social distancing while staying home with a partner.

KOLD News 13 COVID-19 Fact Finders: Submit your questions, we will get you the answers

The KOLD News 13 COVID-19 Fact Finders team is here to answer your questions.

Fact Finders: Employee rights during COVID-19 spread

Following the Families First Coronavirus Response Act guidelines.

Fact Finders: Tracking recovered COVID-19 cases in Pima County

Health department hoping for aggressive contact tracing soon.

  FACT FINDERS: COVID-19 and Food Safety

Our Fact Finders team received a question about food safety and COVID-19.

  FACT FINDERS: How long does the coronavirus live on different items, surfaces?

While studies show the virus can live for several hours, the CDC says transmission to persons from surfaces contaminated with the virus has not been documented.

Fact Finders: Does a landlord have to tell you about a neighbor’s positive case?

Do tenants or residents have any legal obligations in reporting positive cases?

FACT FINDERS: How Reliable are a COVID-19 tests?

If you or a loved one tests positive for COVID-19, it is almost certainly correct.

  Fact Finders: Do ibuprofen and other common medications make COVID-19 symptoms worse?

“The idea that Ibuprofen causes harm is very far overblown right now on social media."

  Mt. Lemmon General Store & Gift Shop receives loan, hopes to keep employees on payroll

The store has seen a 74 percent decline in sales.

  Fact Finders: Does wearing contact lenses increase your risk of catching COVID-19?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology shares suggestions to keep you healthy.

FACT FINDERS: Small Business Administration says its approved $3B in loans in Arizona

The SBA has approved more than one million loans nationwide.

COVID-19 Fact Finders: Answering Your Questions

We highlighted common questions from you and answered them with information from the Center for Disease Control.

  Fact Finders: Small Business Administration explains how loan advance will work

The Small Business Administration is notifying applicants of the Economic Injury Disaster Loan of how the $10,000 advance will work.

  Fact Finders: Can a single symptom lead to a positive COVID-19 case?

Health experts say some people who test positive for the virus won't show any symptoms.

  FACT FINDERS: CARES Act waives required minimum distributions for 2020

Even though the CARES Act waives RMDs this year, you can still make a withdrawal if you need to.

  FACT FINDERS: The CARES Act allows no-penalty withdrawals from retirement accounts

A provision in the CARES Act allows investors to take penalty-free distributions from IRAs and qualified retirement plans up to $100,000.

  Fact Finders: Can my pet get coronavirus?

CDC: If you are sick with COVID-19, you should restrict contact with pets and other animals, just like you would around other people.

  FACT FINDERS: What small business loans are available through the CARES Act?

The CARES Act modified Economic Injury Disaster Loans.

  Fact Finders: Is cycling outdoors safe during coronavirus outbreak?

Health experts stress social distancing and solo rides.

  FACT FINDER: Taking blood pressure medication during the COVID-19 outbreak

Not sure if you should stop taking medication during the COVID-19 outbreak? Here's what experts are recommending.

  FACT FINDERS: How medical professional volunteers can make a difference amid the COVID-19 outbreak

Are you a medical professional who wants to make a difference?

FACT FINDERS: Does your boss have to tell you when a co-worker tests positive?

A lot of viewers have asked us if their boss has to tell them when a co-worker tests positive for COVID-19.

  Fact Finders: Delivery or Take-Out? Food Safety & COVID-19

Authorities do not believe COVID-19 is spread through food, though you should always wash your hands before and after eating or handling food.

  Fact Finders: Co-parenting and COVID-19

Navigating parenting time can be confusing and stressful during the coronavirus pandemic.

  Fact Finders: Can snowbirds stick to their travel schedule with stay-at-home orders?

Winter visitors wonder if a stay-at-home order in other states with set a roadblock on their travels.

  Fact Finders Update: Will southern Arizona’s warmer weather slow the spread of COVID-19?

Can warm weather stop the outbreak?

  FACT FINDERS: Will you get a stimulus check if you haven’t filed taxes in a while? It depends.

Many viewers have asked us if they will get a stimulus check if they haven't filed their taxes in a while.

  Fact Finders: Can Arizona RVers move to a new spot during stay-at-home order?

According to the Governor's Office, RV Parks are allowed to operate.

  Fact Finders: Is there accountability with the governor’s stay-at-home order?

Gov. Doug Ducey issued a statewide stay-at-home order that goes into effect at 5 p.m. Tuesday, March 31 until April 30, 2020.

  Fact Finders: How many Pima County patients have recovered from COVID-19?

The Pima County Health Department hopes to start tracking recovered cases.

FACT FINDERS: A coworker tested positive for COVID-19. Is it safe to go to work?

Employee's loved one questions safety after positive COVID-19 case.

  FACT FINDERS: Is it ‘OK’ to donate blood right now?

The American Red Cross has an ongoing critical need for blood product donations as uncertainties remain during this coronavirus pandemic.