Tucson’s Scott Guerin Heating and Cooling Makes A Real Difference

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Humble integrity, hard work and dedication to serving the Tucson community. This second-generation family owned business knows how to make a real difference in the way your heating and cooling needs are taken care of.

Always a great smile, he’s focused and dedicated, with his boots on the ground. Hunter Guerin told us " Well so this is my father’s company. He’s Scott Guerin, I’m Hunter Guerin and we’ve been in business since 2008 serving the Pima County area. We specialize in residential replacement HVAC so things like your heater keeping you nice and cozy in the winter and nice and cool in the summer, we’ve been servicing Pima County for quite some time, that’s what we do.”

The number of customers they have across Pima County is a true testament to the work they do, at a price that doesn’t mess around. With overhead to a minimum, they can pass along these low prices when Tucson needs them most.

“As a residential replacement company and an Elite Dealer for the Day and Night Brand we’re able to offer our prices fairly low. Generally between six and eight thousand depending on what you have in your home and what efficiency your trying to go with.” Hunter said.

Just talking to Hunter will put your mind at ease right away with no fee for a second opinion on an emergency call.

“If you do have, say a service call or someone has come to your home and said that you need to replace something or repair it and you would like a second opinion on that we’re happy to do that at no cost to you just to make sure you get in the right boat.”

Hunter shares their heart felt dedication with us. Why should you call?

“Well we believe in integrity, we believe in making sure that people are taken care of, you know, we take a lot of emergency situations and thankfully over 6,000 people have been comfortable purchasing something through us. We’ve been able to take care of them for the last 16 Years.”

When you call they answer. And they have an in-person, hard working, solid answer you will be glad to trust. Congratulations to Scott Guerin Heating and Cooling for making a real difference!