Long time Tucson Commercial Solar Contractor now working directly with Homeowners


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One of the oldest commercial solar companies in Tucson has recently started opening their doors to residential customers! Solar Gain, whose headquarters are located off of 17th St (right by Barrio Brewery), has been an industry veteran in the commercial solar space for the last 15 years, installing more than 35MW of clean solar power all over the southwest.

Now they offer the same reliable solar power systems used by warehouses, government buildings and industrial facilities for your home. We asked Residential Sales Manager, Cole Morelli, why they made the change and how will this affect the community? “We saw how the residential industry is full of door knockers, spam callers and just a lot of misinformation in general. We wanted to change that by bringing the same professionalism and data driven solutions we employ on multi-million dollar solar projects to your own home. Our staff isn’t full of door knockers, it’s full of engineers and industry professionals. This lets us get more creative with our solutions and design more complicated and efficient solar arrays. Our team are experts at the future of solar power, electric vehicle chargers, home battery backup and alternative solutions. We are so excited to bring our no nonsense approach to everyone in Arizona.”


Solar Gain won’t be knocking on your door, but feel free to knock on theirs. With an office and 18,000 sqft warehouse just off downtown by Barrio Brewery, you’ve likely driven right by and never noticed. If you do decide to stop by Solar Gain, you’ll be welcomed by one of the newest and most colorful murals downtown Tucson has to offer. Painted by local artist and legend, Ignacio Garcia, who is well known for painting many of the murals scattered throughout Tucson.

“At Solar Gain, we are proud of our Tucson roots and wanted to show everyone that we are local Tucsonans helping other local Tucsonans, as well as the planet” said Project Engineer, Austin Matson. “Most of us are born and raised here in Tucson, and we have a passion for turning this city green. The reality is, solar power is much cheaper than normal electricity, everybody just needs a reliable solar company to help them access it.”

Although solar power is less expensive than traditional grid electricity, the main reason people choose not to put solar panels on their homes is the relatively high upfront cost. That’s why Solar Gain has partnered with some of the local credit unions to offer solar-only payment plans with as low as $0 upfront, and monthly payments lower than your current electricity bill.

Solar Gain provides free savings estimates by phone at 520-822-8377 or at their offices on 17th ST so you can see for yourself how much money a properly designed home solar panel system can save you!