Many Questions Surrounding Double Murder

By Som Lisaius, News 13 Reporter

"Right there where that tail-light on that car is, that's right where it happened." Ron Rowlison is talking about Wednesday night's shooting that left Marilyn Cox and neighbor Renee Farnsworth dead. Says Rowlison, a concerned Northwest-side neighbor, "If it's a random thing, you just wonder if the next time bullets will be flying through my house."

But chances are, it wasn't a random thing. Nationwide, less than five percent of all murders are. Especially when one the victims apparently saw it coming. It was a two-year battle to get visitation. And just two weeks ago, she hired a private investigator because she feared for her life.  Attorney Dennis Gray helped Cox win visitation to her six-year old grand-daughter Jordan. But Jordan's father, David Watson wasn't exactly supportive of the idea, Gray says.

"Where Marilyn lived is the house her daughter lived and left to her in the divorce. There's been friction between Marilyn Cox and Dave Watson about that house." Dave Watson is the ex-husband of Linda Watson: the Tucson woman abducted from her home three years ago. Cox never came out and said Watson was responsible for her daughter's disappearance, but she did tell her attorney not to be surprised, if the same thing happened to her.

Says Gray, "In this February 9, 2003 email, she said 'Just want you to be aware that should I disappear, it won't be of my own choosing.' And she wanted me to keep a copy of this, just in case." In Dave Watson's defense, authorities say he's been very cooperative during questioning. There is no evidence linking him to his ex-wife's disappearance, but that doesn't mean investigators aren't interested in knowing where he was and what he was doing Wednesday night.