Family's Grief Turns to Anger

By Dan Marries

     They buried their loved one on Tuesday; a victim in a double murder. 63 year old Marilyn Cox and her neighbor were shot to death in a drive way on Wednesday, May 7.

amily members say their grief is now turning to anger and Marilyn Cox's son says his mother was not a victim, bur rather of a casualty of a bitter custody battle.

"She was involved in a war," says Tim Cox, "My mom had only one fight and this fight I believe got her killed and my sister too."

Cox became a familiar face in Tucson after her daughter, Linda Watson, vanished in August 2000. Linda was in the middle of a custody battle with her ex-husband David Watson. Two days before a custody hearing Linda Watson disappeared.  After that Marilyn Cox had two goals; find her daughter and get visitation rights to her only grand daughter. 

Just a few months ago the court granted one of those wishes.  Pat Hinkle says that made her sister Marilyn so happy.  "She only got one weekend a month but she was ecstatic with that. , says Hinkle . "She was just thrilled. They were so cool to see together just amazing you could just see the way they looked at each other just the love in their eyes.  It's amazing."

     Hinkle says her sister was scared for her life. Scared of her former son-in-law, David Watson, who didn't want Cox to have visitation rights with his daughter,

"I k new who did it," says Hinkle, "And I knew why he did it. I'm not going to say right it straight out but the whole world out there knows who I'm talking about and yes I know he did it and I don't think he did it alone."

Although he's not a suspect, authorities are calling David Watson an investigative lead. I went to his home and a man who answered the door had this to say, "It's a tragic situation but I had nothing to do with it." When I asked him if he had any comments about authorities calling him an investigative lead the man said, "I have no comments."