Both sides in SWAT shooting case come out swinging

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - Both sides spoke out Thursday about that SWAT team shooting two weeks ago that ended with the death of a former Marine.

SWAT officers fired more than 70 rounds when they killed Jose Guerena while serving a search warrant on his southwest side home.

The Pima County Sheriff's Department has reacted to what it calls "misinformation and emotionally charged speculation" in this case, but, a spokesman says, the department can't say much else because this is an ongoing investigation.

Now the attorney representing the AZCOPS police union says he's telling the SWAT team's story, after talking with team members involved in the May 5 incident.

Mike Storie also explained why he came forward.

"I'm shocked by the reckless statements made by the attorney for these folks, " Storie said.

He's referring to the attorney for the family of Jose Guerena.

Storie suspects the motives of attorney Christopher Scileppi who has made several comments on the case.

"I especially thought, when I saw him say that the last dying thoughts of Mr. Guerena would be 'who are these men,' was absolutely ridiculous and reckless and just meant to be inflammatory and to add credence to the lawsuit that I think he's envisioning down the road to make money on this thing," Storie said.

Storie said the SWAT team served a search warrant on the home in an ongoing conspiracy investigation.

No one person was named in the warrant.

He said the SWAT team was told in a briefing before the operation, "That there is an organization that's involved in drugs, home invasions, drug rip offs. Violent crimes."

Storie said officers found what they were looking for, including weapons, body armor and a partial police uniform.

"That's still be investigated, but there's information that this organization would conduct home invasions while disguised as law enforcement officers," Storie said.

For his part, the Guerena family's attorney Christopher Scileppi held a news conference Thursday too.

He said Storie's personal attack on him is just an attack on the messenger.

He said Storie made numerous allegations without proof.

Scileppi said the SWAT team had "lawyered up."

"After two weeks they've circled the wagons and they put out a fourth version of what happened now. So we need to get to the bottom of this, get the facts. Give us the information and let's go forward with this," Scileppi said.

Scileppi said the Guerena family wants to know what happened when Jose Guerena was killed.

"All, Mr. Storie, their lawyer, did today was attempt to discredit a Marine who served two tours abroad, and put out statements unsupported by facts. What the family wishes, what we wish, is for the Pima County Sheriff's office, (Pima County Sheriff) Dupnik, Storie to release facts," Scileppi said.

"From what I understand, Mr. Storie also said that nothing that was found in that house was illegal for any purpose, whether it be the vests, whether it be the weapons. That's my understanding. So they're attempting to put together a bunch of different facts to discredit and defame Mr. Guerena."

Storie said no arrests have been made yet in the case.

The Pima County Attorney's office continues to investigate the shooting itself to see if it was warranted.

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