Monsoon storm breaks Tucson's nearly 3 month dry spell

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - A powerful early morning monsoon storm kicked off the monsoon on the last day of June.  While the storm was not severe, winds did cause some damage.  The Tucson National Weather Service said it was "likely" a microburst.

At the Mission Tierra apartment complex near Drexel and Mission, a large tree fell on an SUV and tiles were ripped off the roof.  Another tree fell onto the parking lot.  The tiles broke through a window of one apartment, frightening the residents.  No one was hurt.

The Tucson International Airport (TIA) recorded a wind gust of 38 MPH.  There was a 39 MPH wind gust recorded at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (DM AFB). A viewer at DM AFB also reported small hail.

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TIA is the official weather recording station for the city. Before today, TIA recorded 81 days without rain.  That ties the 4th longest rain-free streak on record.  The last time it rained at the airport - April 10. That was the spring weekend that was cold, wet, and even snowy in parts of Southeast Arizona.

Below are the Top 10 storm totals in and around the Tucson metropolitan areas for the early morning monsoon storm.

Rain totals can be found at two websites, one of which you can sign up to report your own rain totals. The rain totals ranged from just a trace to nearly 1" at one location on the Southside of Tucson.

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