Man mauled by his dog dies; dog put down

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) – The man who was attacked Aug. 3 by his dog has died, University Medical Center officials said.

Michael Cook died Monday from liver failure, UMC spokeswoman Katie Riley said.

Doctors amputated both of Cook's arms earlier in August as a result of the mauling, Cook's sister Toni Sweet said.

Cook was suffering from liver failure and had been on kidney dialysis. In addition, Cook had a deep gash in his right leg.

Hospital workers gave Cook over 100 pints of blood throughout the ordeal. The attack occurred near Valencia and Camino de la Tierra on Aug. 3 when Cook tried to separate his pet and another dog in a fight.

Cook's family said he was a musician and handyman.

Pima Animal Care says the pitbull was put down Tuesday at the family's request.

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