Bobcat recovering from backyard trapping, shooting

TUCSON, AZ (KOLD) - A young bobcat is recovering, after getting trapped and shot in a north-west side backyard. The bobcat underwent surgery at Tucson Wildlife Center over the weekend.

Authorities say the bobcat's legs got caught in two steel traps, and then was shot in the face twice, suffering a shattered jaw.

Wildlife experts say home-owners have a right to kill wild animals, if they're threatening livestock on their property. But it must be done humanely. They add that the best solution is to find a non-deadly method.

"You can scare it off with a loud noise, or you can spray it with a garden hose," suggested Mark Hart, with Arizona Game & Fish. "If you take some pre-emptive action that's more appropriate than trapping and killing, you're not going to get charged."

This investigation continues. It's not clear yet whether the homeowner in this case will face any charges.

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