UPDATE: Odd light seen over Southern Arizona

*Update* - Thursday 9-15-11 (9:20AM) - KOLD News 13 has received word from expert at Kitt Peak have said the "odd light" was almost certainly a meteor.

Mike Terenzoni with the U of A said he was evaluating the weather conditions at the 90 inch telescope when he and another U of A astronomer witnessed the event. They tell KOLD News 13 that this is meteor would be classified as a "fireball". Mike also noted, "We did not hear a
sonic boom so I can't say it was a bolide meteor."

If you have any pictures of the event, please make sure to upload them to http://pics.kold.com

Here is the original story:

Several of you have been calling the KOLD News 13 Newsroom to report a bright ball in the sky. This same sight has been reported across not only Southern Arizona but California as well. Calls have been coming into newsrooms in San Diego, LA, Las Vegas, and even Phoenix.

Here are some of the descriptions you've been sending in:

Ed from Pearce said, "It was ~18 degrees above the "horizon" here. (It) Appeared to be traveling towards my direction from the Northwest to the Southwest. Flashed, then started to break up, flashed again and faded from view."

Tony in Tucson said, "I saw something like a shooting star tonight in the western sky and maybe only about 30 degrees off of the horizon.  It was very bright like a magnesium fire with a very long tail."

"It's probably just an isolated meteor that shot from the west to east," said meteorologist Curt Kaplan of the National Weather Service in Oxnard, CA.