Warden to file action against city of Tucson

Roy Warden has never been a man of few words. He speaks loudly, eloquently and often.

And it was a case of the city of Tucson trying to keep him quiet, which set off his latest barrage.

It was during a call to the audience, when he tried to read from court records in a case involving interim Tucson city manager Rich Miranda, that the mayor stopped him. Warden was arrested and led out of the council chambers.

Warden came back to the council chambers as the city spent more than a half hour discussing how to change its call to the audience procedures and language.

Warden listened intently during the study session and afterwards said the action taken against him was "unconstitutional" and he was planning to "take action" against the city.

Whether it's unconstitutional or not, will likely be up to the courts as he predicted it will go from superior court to federal court.